Garminfone Sales Not Satisfactory, T-Mobile Slashing Price

We’ve heard that Garmin-Asus and T-mobile”s navigation-savvy Android-powered Garminfone wasn’t selling too well. Asustek denied such rumors and continued to run their Garminfone ads for all to see.

However, T-mobile has now dropped the price of the Garminfone from $199 to $129.99 after rebate on a 2-year contract. This is somewhat sad, as the Garminfone has only been available for a month. So it appears that Tmo may have bitten off a little more than they can chew with this device.

But, things could still turn around for the Garminfone. Its 3.5-inch multitouch capacitive screen, 3 megapixel autofocus camera, and 4GB of internal storage and superior navigation capabilities are bound to attract someone’s attention.

If not, there’s always Google Maps Navigation on the Nexus One and other Android phones.

  • I'm gonna apologize for the following T-Mobile Rant:

    I wonder when T-Mobile finally gets it, will it be too late. I love T-Mobile's service and would love to stay with them. However, I'll be switching to either Verizon or Sprint if they can't get their act together with a high powered Android phone.

    People want POWER and Specs. They're finally getting a 1Ghz phone (not counting the Nexus One) in the Samsung Vibrant but its camera lacks the specs of the Incredible and the EVO- Vibrant only has 5mp and no led flash! It's not all about the camera, but did T-Mobile really think they'd sell a phone with a 3mp camera?!?

    They were definitely the pace-setters with Android. But now they're relegated to just followers while Sprint and Verizon steal the Android thunder. </rant>

    • Jim

      Yep, my wife and I just left T-Mobile after 6 years due to lack of smartphones. Now loving the EVOs. Really did not want to leave but got tired of waiting. And coverage and pricing is better.

    • I agree, there needs to be some more thought into the high-end specs of the phones and so many are simple. I am waiting for the Vibrant and while its camera may not be as good as some others, 5MP is still respectable for a phone… BUT- why are they removing options from the Galaxy S? Not only would a flash be good but the Galaxy S has a front facing camera that TMO has removed. Why?!? This phone is going to be the high-end phone that we have been waiting for, some may disagree with me but I think Samsung has a pretty good product coming, yet all the carriers are insisting on crippling its capabilities. TMO seems to be doing the least damage to the Vibrant but if they continue to allow phones like the Garmin that have potential that is ultimately not fulfilled then they are going to continue to lose customers.

      I have been a TMO customer for 10 years and am happy with the service but I am truly on the fence if they cannot produce something to keep my interest. I love Android, I bought the G1 on preorder and I have watched the system evolve, I am very disappointed that they have let Verizon and Sprint take the lead on what could have been a great thing.

    • Do you guys think TMO Will come through with the dual processor HTC Vision?:

    • joe

      You my friend have just spoke my mind i also love tmobile but am so disappointed finally we get a decent phone but it doesnt have a front facing cam and no flash. Come on! I am losing patients my contract ends November if there is no good compatible phone by then i am OUT!

  • 007

    Tmobile is all about budget cheap plan and phones.
    If you want cheap ass plan n phone you stay with tmobile.
    If not jump over to other company.
    It’s just sad they they really don’t care weather you stay or not….

  • low price, but i think it was good 🙂

  • nice phine with a nice price

  • it's cool

  • i like it

  • T-mobile's family internet plan is a joke! 140 for 750 minutes divide that each line has 375 mins a month.
    they have mobile to mobile but what good is that when no one you know has t-mobile?

    With verizon mobile to mobile is huge because everyone I know has verizon so this can save you hundreds
    of minutes.

    This phone isnt selling because it sucks it is not selling because T-mobiles family plans suck! if T-mobile
    gave 1000 minutes for 139.99 it would be more attractive than (750) but T-mobile wants you to go to Sprint
    for the 129,99 family plan 1500 minutes and mobile to mobile. T-mobile cant touch that!

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  • Soldier 1953

    Crap! there are great phones! I have one and I use it on my Harley Davidson, the camera could be better but the battery is the best on the market! What where you thinking T-Mobile???   Give us our  garminfone back!!!!

  • Soldier 1953

    Where can I buy one?

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