GSM Version of HTC EVO 4G or Incredible for Outside U.S.?


Gadget site Electronista is reporting this week that HTC may be producing a GSM device (codenamed “Ace”) with the  EVO 4G’s form factor for use outside the United States.  U.K.-based Pocket-lint, however, is reporting that the HTC Ace will be the U.K.’s equivalent of Verizon’s Droid Incredible.  Both articles cite the same conversation between Pocket-lint and HTC’s global PR director Eric Lin, and Pocket-lint further cites (but dismisses) a tipster who suggests the Ace will look like an EVO.  While it is still up in the air as to who is correct, I’m sure either outcome would be welcomed by our neighbors on the other side of the pond.  We will keep you updated. Make sure to hit the links to compare stories and decide for yourself.


  1. Incredible would be pointless since we already have the desire, and they're basically the same. 4G would be pointless since we can't get 4G. A merge of the two would be nice… essentially an HD2 with Android.

  2. I hope it will be smaller than an EVO, my jeans pockets are not backpacks… 4.3'' is too much, 3.5'' (max 3.7'') is fine.

      • 100% agreed!

        I want a 4.3" HTC phone with GSM bands, for 3.7" you have not only Desire but Nexus One as well.

        Go HTC!!! Bring it to SouthAmerica too, please please please!!!!

  3. Just a week ago I was talking with a T-Mobile UK employee who told me that there are plans of bringing the HTC HD2 with Android instead of Windows Mobile on it. Hopefully (in this case) where there is smoke, there is fire!

    –check my android ap—

  4. With the whole world using GSM bands i dont understand whicj idiot in htc thought there best phones evo and evo 3d should come in cdma, sprint is a big company band not as big as at&t and verizon , Htc almost came close to iphone market but missed it by  making it cdma