Steve Jobs Rewriting Android History?

Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are saying that Steve Jobs is rewriting the history of Android to suit Apple’s interests and the iPhone’s market. Jobs claims that Google developed Android after the release of the iPhone to compete with iOS. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Android was founded all the way back in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Richard Miner. In 2005, Google saw potential in Android, so they bought it. Two years later, the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) was formed and Android was publicly introduced. In 2008, as we all know, the G1 was released and the rest, as they say, is history.

Steve, we get that you’re trying to boost the iPhone and its market share, but please, next time at least get your facts straight. You say that “We (Apple) didn’t enter the mobile advertising business. They (Google) entered the mobile phone business.” Actually Steve, Google entered the mobile phone business when they bought Android, a full 2 years before the iPhone was introduced. You entered the mobile phone business after Google. You fail, Steve.

“Google is trying to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them!” Jobs says. You say we’re trying to kill the iPhone. I say we’re succeeding.

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  • ShadowGod

    Typical Apple/Steve Jobs arrogance, I would expect nothing less.

  • Apple KILLA!

    Shitted on him!

  • David

    What is it with CEO poses? Is he trying to throw a chair or a spell?

    • androiduser

      He is trying to get signal for his new iPhone4!

      • 5150


  • Brian Douglas Hayes

    While it's true that Android existed in some form before the iPhone was released, does anybody remember what Android looked like at that point?

    It looked like they were shooting for a BlackBerry competitor back in 2007. But after the iPhone became so popular, things changed. I remember the first time I played with a G1 before I bought one; I thought its UI was very much like the iPhone, down to the default 4×4 icon layout.

    So yeah, while Android technically existed before the iPhone, it's pretty clear that the current versions of Android have taken some inspiration from iPhone/iOS, and I think that's the point Jobs is trying to make. Laced with marketing-speak, of course.

    Anyway, this article is just troll bait. Stay classy, AndroidGuys.

    • Rob N

      Wow, things have really changed haven't they?

    • So when he said, "We didn't enter the mobile advertising business. They entered the mobile phone business," he meant "they were already in the mobile phone business but their designs changed after the release of the iphone"? That seems like a stretch.

      Anyway, your comment is just troll bait. Stay classy, Brian Douglas Hayes!

    • i have to say that Chuck is right BDH. to say that one company copied ideas from another without tracing it all the way back is not only sheer ignorance on your part, but it leads me to believe that you are an apple fanboy. windows has been using icons as shortcuts forever it seems. that is exactly what the iphone os does. it may be on a much smaller screen, but its still the same. so instead of claiming that android stole ideas from apple who originally stole them from windows (as they did with their mac os) and being a total d-bag, stay away from articles that dont support your fanboy fiction.

      • Dirk

        "…apple who originally stole them from windows (as they did with their mac os)"

        This is a joke? What color is the sky in the world you live in? Windows didn't EXIST until AFTER the Macintosh. The Macintosh was the first to use Icons… the first to use a MOUSE, the first to use WINDOWS. Microsoft was selling a OS called MSDOS until 1984 when they STOLE WINDOWS FROM APPLE. Bill Gates himself will admit this. This is what started the whole war to begin with. You're a fool or a child (or both) if you think that Apple stole the idea of using icons from windows. Do yourself a favor, look it up, google it, it's common knowledge. I don't know where you even came up with the idea that Apple stole ideas from windows. It's just funny.

        There is a movie you can find a torrent for called "Pirates of Silicone Valley" that's a fairly well done history on Microsoft and Apple. Watch it… you'll see that even Microsoft would laugh in your face If you said Apple stole from them. Get a clue Jr.

        • Robert Altman

          “The Macintosh was the first to use icons… The first to use a mouse…”?

          I’m overwhelmed with the irony here. I think it’s possible that there may have been a group at Xerox PARC that did something with computers. And there might have even been another computer developed at Apple with a name like “Lisa” which predated the Macintosh.

          [For those without the benefit of history, Xerox PARC pioneered basically all of the modern graphical user interface concepts, including the mouse. And Apple’s Lisa, which incorporated many concepts developed at PARC, was more advanced than the first Macs, well ahead of its time, and a commercial failure.]

          I hope I can humbly suggest that we can benefit from toning down any vitriolic in these comments; and please, think thrice before calling anyone a fool. Case in point, making historically inaccurate posts is an act of ignorance; correcting historically inaccurate posts with historically inaccurate corrections is an act of foolishness. And, to be certain, I call no one a fool: I have been known to make mistakes, and when I do, I find it less than gratifying to be labelled with any derogatory terms.

    • Hit it right on the mother effin’ nose. =)

  • The_Omega_Man

    @Brian what was the most popular Smart Phone (in the U.S.) at the age before the iPhone? BB? , Palm? So to me, it would make complete sense for Android to target these phones as an alternative. As you state, once the iPhone became popular, Android bases systems began to offer an alternative to that platform. However, functionally, Android has not changed that much over the years, as your link shows (thanks by the way).
    Cosmetically Android bases systems have changed, and of course Moore's law has things, like system performance, changing rapidly. As consumer electronics devices are largely a consumer popularity contest, more than a technical specs contest (the best technical system is not always the most popular – just look at the iPhone! It hasn't really changed much technically in 3 years).

    To compete in that popularity contest, you generally emulate those specific characteristics that created that consumer popularity in the first place. Then you show where you have "improved" upon them to differentiate your product over that more popular product. Apple is now in that mode! Having to differentiate it's products from a sea of me too (only better) products, that are rapidly gaining popularity.

    I think that the point of this, "News," post was to quell some of the die-hard Apple fan misconceptions about Google with Android, simply trying to copy the iPhone, and literally follow in it's foot steps. I would say that the only copying and following that I see Google attempting here, is only around the popularity of the platform in the eyes of the consumer.

    Having a choice is ALWAYS a good thing, in my opinion! Thanks Google, for helping to give me a choice and being both visionary and diligent enough to make it a reality!

    • xmeiro

      you can also add that touch screen interface evolved in a way that allowed both iPhone and Android to be directed in that direction.
      Hardware is limited to the technology available and its usability. And these phone os's were created and developed towards what was possible to make.

  • Mike84

    @The_Omega_Man, Very well said sir! And I absolutely agree!

  • iffid

    Your logic doesn't make any sense at all.

    Google entered the mobilephone business with buying Android in 2005. Apple Introduced the iPhone in 2007. Following your argumentation it means that apple was the last one in the smartphone business.

    Let's take a moment to think about that. Jobs has told us that they were developing on iPhone since 2002. Let's say, it took only three years to develop the hard- and software. That means that Apple entered the business (the process of development) in 2004, google in 2005. The iPhone with iOS was still ahead of android, it took about one year longer until the OS was released.

    Just flaming Apple and the iPhone is no sign of a qualified argumentation. Stop flaming and start thinking.

  • Wait. Who cares?

    Steve was alleged to have made these statements months ago at an internal Apple meeting.
    I’m not sure they were ever verified.
    And even if they were, does it really matter that Steve made some factually incorrect statements to rile up the Apple faithful?

    At the time Apple were responding to Google who had launched the Nexus One (which nobody expected to be a flop yet) and were getting chummy with Adobe.

  • Brandon

    I say this article is total bs. You guys aka the owners of this site had no idea what android was when the iPhone was released. The name android probably didn’t exist back then either. Google definitely took some of the iPhones good and implemented into whatever android was back in it’s start. Stop kidding yourselfs your freaking geeks.

  • @Brian, You are conflating Android with the hardware it runs on. Android is only the OS, the smartphone manufacturers are the ones who shifted from keyboard phones to slabs as the market shifted. This is called responding to consumer demand. Even RIM has released slab style multi-touch phones.

  • joe

    This Nut Jobs is getting on my nerves he thinks everyone in the world owes him something because he is god.

  • nice story, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • i'm agree with all of you

  • This post is a total crap.

  • There's a detailed Android timeline here:

  • Dan

    The rumoured quote in question was "We (Apple) didn't enter the mobile advertising business. They (Google) entered the mobile phone business." I think this is a case of interpretation:

    If you interpreted Steve Jobs' use of the word 'Phone' to mean 'Mobile OS' then yes, Android was announced long before iOS. – Larry & Sergey wins

    If you take Steve's use of the word 'Phone' to mean 'Phone' then we're talking about the Nexus One, which was announced three years after the first iPhone. – Steve wins

    I know I'm being pedantic, but then so is this whole article.

    • I don't think you can take apart "mobile phone business" as a single and total phrase. The term mobile phone business seems to be much more encompassing that just saying phone hardware business. Although Apple is a company that doesn't separate hardware from software

  • Eugene

    "However, functionally, Android has not changed that much over the years, as your link shows (thanks by the way).
    Cosmetically "

    Which means – quite clearly – that the Android is an iPhone clone. Multi-touch. Glass frontage. App Store etc. the people who hated all these things because they were haters talked about the iPhone not having a proper camera. Never about the look and feel, which was a "toy". The minute the android comes out the haters rush out to buy the iPhone clone. ( There is a good chance that Apple will win it's case against HTC since the multi-touch implementation is really well proctected).

    As for when things were invented, or bought, the iPhone came to market first. This is simple stuff. It is a mere 2.5 years ago – how do fandroids forget? The (unreleased) Android looked like a blackberry on that day.

    The iPhone was in production for 2.5 years – before the Android was released ( before the Android was dreamed of) – and Eric Schmidt was aware of that. Google realised that if the mobile market becomes more important than the desktop market their monopoly plan to gather as much information as possible about everybody in the world would be thwarted ( and on that their business model depends). We would all be better off with competition in the search market. The rise of the app store scared the search monopolists even more as the use of apps often precludes the use of the search bar. For instance if I need to know a train journey I would use a location aware app and find a destination, without it I search on google, go to a link, type in my journey etc. Google has all that info and can sell to advertisers ( or use it's algorithms to sell to advertisers behind the scenes).

    So the search monopolists are losing custom in two ways. A real smart phone – a real smart mobile internet device – was evolving and it didn't have to use google as it's search engine of choice. ( There was no indication that Apple wouldn't do that but all monopolists are fanatical about maintaining a monopoly). And then apps came about and the monopoly got really really angry. So they produced an iPhone clone ( contravening any number of Apple patents) in order to continue to have a lock on the world's information. That has to be the only reason. Why else would a search company go into phones?

    by the way in typical fanatical territory here

    "Steve, Google entered the mobile phone business when they bought Android, a full 2 years before the iPhone was introduced. You entered the mobile phone business after Google. You fail, Steve."

    Goggle "enters" a market when they buy an unreleased product. Apple only enter it on release of a product they had been working on for more than 2 years ( Jobs say 2-3).

    And Android's catching up with the iPhone ( but not the iOS which includes iPods and iPads) is limited to the US – well the US affects the world data but absent the US there is no catchup – because the iPhone is not on verizon, and others. It will be.

  • This issue has become so bit that I sometimes wonder if it is bigger than all the marketing sounds they generate!

  • Welcome to America people. This is the land of competition. You make a product and others compete with you. That is why stuff gets better and better. It is called, "Yay capitalism".(Austin Powers)Welcome to America people. This is the land of competition. You make a product and others compete with you. That is why stuff gets better and better. It is called, "Yay capitalism".(Austin Powers)
    The release of OSX by Apple started real competition in Computer OS, and it copied a lot of Windows functionality. This is how the game is played! It is why we get such awesome phones when you buy from either Steve or the Google squad.
    I am just glad I woke up today with an app that tracked my REM cycle for optimal wake up time. Welcome to the future! Who cares who got here first. I am just glad we live in a system where Google and Steve Jobs can put their man-pants on and try to kick each other in the butt all day, and all the consumers benefit.
    Who cares who came up with it first.

  • Interesting. I've read Steve Jobs' comments, and he didn't say that Android was developed after the iPhone. He said that Google entered the phone market after Apple. Entering the market means having a product to sell, not developing prototypes. So, the reality is, you guys are trying to rewrite history by claiming 1. Steve Jobs said something he didn't say, and 2. Claiming that entering the market is the same as talking about a product you're going to make some day.

    I'd say, of the two arguments, yours is BS.

  • nice info

  • thanks for the info, andriod will be the winner

  • lol

    steve can fuck himself now, and the same for apple die hard fans

  • ryan

    You wrote: "Google is trying to kill the iPhone. We won't let them!" Jobs says. You say we're trying to kill the iPhone. I say we're succeeding.

    When you say we're, do you mean you work for Google? Make sure you're not misrepresenting your voice for that of the company you are passionate about.

    Apple was working in mobile computing way before the RokR days and simply acquiring OS technology does not mean ENTERING a market. Both companies acquire technology for competitive reasons all the time, something Apple has been doing before Larry and Sergei were old enough to dial a phone concept like this, for example,… and it doesn't mean they'll use everything they acquire.

    Welcome to a highly competitive market. Surely you can find more interesting things to do in the space than editorialize a CEO?

  • youngdrake

    Ummm, I got to agree with Ryan. Do you know how long it takes a product to be created from concept to market? Acquiring software does not mean entering a market. Motorola had a whole internet tablet project that they were working on back in 2001. They worked on the project for 2 years and then scrapped it nowhere near completion. Companies are always working 2 years out at least when making products. So to say that the iPhone sprang fully formed when it was released onto market while google was in the mobile phone business back when it acquired a software is ignorant and completely biased in the opposite direction. Chances are that while mac was working on the iphone google was working on android. Mac got their product out first and google held back to see what reactions were and how to best respond to the competition. Many aspects of android are a response to iOS.

  • Exactly why is either platform trying to kill the other? Like it or not, (and this is coming from a VERY happy Droid user) Android and iPhone need each other. Competition is a good thing. Don't think that's true? Look at what happened to Palm…they were the top dog, got way to comfortable (aka lazy) and eventually got their butt kicked.

    Having two powerful, feature-rich mobile operating systems is good for everyone, including us…this rabid fanboyism (on both sides) is most certainly not.

  • anonydroid

    Either way you argue it. Jobs screwed himself when he parted ways with adobe. And those who call nexus a flop. I’m perfectly content with my flop running flash and benchmarking higher than any other phone out there. Gg apple/jobs. Google wins. Apple fanboys are blind robots. They’ll but turds with an apple symbol as long as it has a white gloss to it.

  • LOL this man is going nuts dude..

  • i'm on your side. good luck google!

  • I think google is trying to copy the pros of iPhone. Frankly if its half as good as iPhone, it would have some serious market share by now.

    BTW, I dont suffer from "Apple-mania" syndrome.

    • really now?

      Well, google was here on Earth before Steve Jobs thought about I Phones and apple products…but as a neutral person in the conflict, I would say that they both are kind of tied in this competition, both products (Apple and Google) have changed the way of life…most people in the 1980’s could only dream of this technology back then…

      and really, the BTW is kind of too much…nobody would really discriminate against those who are fans of Apple products…they do pretty well, better than what the worlds technology had back in the 19th century…and the whole “I don’t suffer from “Apple-mania” syndrome” thing seems almost paranoid…but from reading most of these immature brats online…well I would say a fore-warning would seem most necessary…

      I think that Google and Apple are both great products…they both have their best qualities, and their worst qualities…but still I would say that they are a tie in this conflict…we can only be patient and wait, tomorrow might a new era for either Google or Apple…who knows?

      • really now?

        to complete my message, I would unveil a typo in that last paragraph…the “tomorrow might a new era” should have said “tomorrow might be a new era”

        I have corrected myself, no need to correct me any further…thank you

  • Dan

    The company android makes very good mobiles, i would recommend a HTC to anyone of my mates over any other mobile phones – except Iphone
    But some people hate apple and thats ok, to each is there own

    I think steve jobs has made history not rewritten it!
    I beleave steve jobs ment by “Google is trying to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them” is the fact Many companys started making touch screen phones after the apple 3g, but they were’nt investing enuff money and time into the UserInterface. And it did seem like Android did change its designs and copyed apple to begin with. but android has come along way….

    Note: Apple made the Ipad and now we have lots of companies desperate to copy them….. so i think steve jobs is spot on =p