T-Mo’s HTC Vision is the HTC Vanguard: a 21 Mbps HSPA+ Smartphone


In an article over at Engadget.com, they are reporting that T-Mobile and HTC are hard at work to bring out the first offering that can handle the theoretical 21 Mbps speeds that Big Magenta claims their new HSPA+ network is providing.  The handset that is going to have this capability?  The HTC Vision.  Now I have an interest in the HTC Vision with my prediction that it indeed might be the fabled Project Emerald that T-Mo is working on.

A few days ago, we posted a leaked roadmap that shows the different handsets coming out on T-Mo, including one with an HTC logo and a November release date that is labeled “Emerald.”  Engadget is now reporting that the HTC Vision is being released in September on T-Mo, which gives us two pieces of info.  First, the Vision is not Emerald, so I swung hard at that pitch and missed. But more interestingly, with its September release window, what’s currently known as the Vision lines up with what the leaked roadmap labels the HTC Vanguard.  Interesting name given it will be the first handset for T-Mo that will use their claimed 4G-like speeds.

The Engaget article also reported that the spokesman for T-Mo said that there will be another release of an HTC Phone with the HSPA+ capabilities in the 4th quarter near the holiday.  If we reference our roadmap again, this looks like it is going to be Emerald in November!  Remember, I made the call that Emerald is going to the be first dual core processor phone in the world based on our own Scotty Brown’s info from a T-Mo rep at the Seattle HTC event.

Stay tuned for more info as it trickles in.  Fall is setting up to be a really interesting time period for those of us on T-Mo!


  1. GRR….I noticed this on that leaked road map. Now this just murdered the Vibrant for me. Mostly due to cyanogen's proclivity for HTC phones since it is obvious that custom ROMS are the only way to get an update in a at a reasonable time frame, plus Sense is like hot garbage to me. But i have also been wanting a keyboard. Hope it has a flash.

  2. Man, it's getting harder and harder to decide what phone to get now. I really want the Samsung Vibrant but on the other hand if TMO is releasing this HTC Vanguard in September, I might just hold out and wait. I guess I can always live with my Cliq for a little bit longer (though I'm still using my old myTouch in place of the Cliq now because of its lack of features due to 1.5 and Motoblur is soooo laggy and buggy lately) until September. Yikes, TMO is going to end 2010 with a bang!

    • Im starting to think TMO positioned the galaxy S on purpose to be a mid range phone for a younger set. Between the games and media included. I am still interested in the Galaxy S, the GPU alone makes it enticing. But now im waiting for some specs on this device.

    • It's about time too! We have wasted away waiting for a good phone from TMO and now all of a sudden I can't decide which one to go for. I was all set for the Vibrant too because its specs make it a pretty desirable handset but the HTC possibilities have me waffling :->.

  3. I am a Nexus One owner, looking for better. As I look for better regardless of phone. I used to love physical keyboards but now, I realize it is pointless if the screen is large enough. Therefore, I see the Vision as too large with too small a screen. Hearing the specs of Emerald, if they hold true. I will be on top of it. The Vibrant, just, without Vanilla Android is less appealing to me. I like the updates first, and releasing with 3.0, well heck. That is my dream.

  4. At the speed that new phones are coming out these days i dont think ill be able to buy a phone cus ill be already on the look for next one 🙂

  5. I hope this phone sticks with the physical keyboard and I want the emerald to be keyboard-less. Just virtual.
    It will keep it thin sleek and sexy. Dual core goodness. All i need is swype!