Acer beTouch E130 Hits FCC

The Acer’s beTouch E130 made a stop over at the FCC to get handled last week.  The device has a very similar look to the Blackberry and has a full QWERTY portrait keyboard.  Under the hood is Android 1.6, 416MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM, 3.2MP camera and WiFi.

While that isn’t much in the way of cutting edge capability, there is always a market for low-to-mid-range smartphones, so there’s potential.  Obviously, Android 1.6 will be a serious turn-off for many buyers though. No word yet on which carrier it might be headed for, or the timing of its release.

Source: Wireless Goodness

  • boss5

    Actually wouldn't be to bad for an starter device for the teens. 1.6 should be the bottom line for low end devices I feel.

  • Takeda Shingen

    Wow, I think this is an ugly phone. In my opinion, HTC makes the most aesthetically pleasing hardware.

  • i like it

  • i like qwerty 🙂

  • owhhhhh that’s awesome