CyanogenMod Froyo ROMs Released for Nexus One, HTC Dream, and HTC Magic


CyanogenMod-6.0.0 RC1 was released early this morning, with builds for the Nexus One, HTC Dream and HTC Magic.  You can download the new builds both XDA-Developers and Cyanogen directly, this includes the Nexus One rom , XDA Developers (N1D/M) and the best ROM manager on the planet. Directions are widely available for newbies.

As of now, the ROMs appear to be very stable, although the G1 rom is a bit slow. Remember, flash with caution Androidians! Give us a little comment on what you think of these too!

Source: Cyanogen and Engadget


  1. Done…nice to have 2.2, as you said a little slow, however, sending link/map from web to G1 is way cool. Word of warning…1st time I did not have SIM card in (it was in my day2day phone) and spent hours at fixing boot looping…as soon as Flashed with a SIM card in the G1…perfect

  2. I flashed it to my MT3G earlier today and have been playing around with it for about 8 hours (minus 2 while i went to see Predators! – Awesome, by the way!) This was my first flash and it went off without a hitch – I just couldn't wait for T-mobile any longer!!!!!

  3. love it, works like a charm on the G1………….a little slow, but heck, it's faster than waiting for G1 to be updated to 2.0, or 2.1 or 2.2

    Cyanogen is the man!!

  4. Can someone please link me to the directions or walk me through this. The G1 is rooted and has a ton of other ROMS installed but the radio img keeps failing. I must be doing something wrong.