Ebay for Android Now Available in Australia, Canada, & UK

BusinessWire is reporting that eBay has updated their popular eBay for Android app. It’s now available in Australia, the UK, and Canada, as well as the United States, of course. The eBay app has gone international with this update, adding these 3 fine countries to its repertoire.  With features like Voice Search, Buyer alerts, and Daily deals, the eBay for Android app is a sure catch for anyone looking to sell that old iPhone and get an Htc Evo on the spot.  So, if you’re in one of the above countries, pop in to the Android Market and pick up the free eBay app or scan the barcode below.

Scan to download eBay

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  1. @thepoodz
    July 11, 17:49 Reply

    Umm, I live in Canada and I've had this app for a few weeks now… Has there been a change, I don't see any update available on it in my downloads…???

  2. bob
    July 11, 23:30 Reply

    that is not an official ebay app

  3. Junior
    July 12, 01:43 Reply

    The Barode points to the wrong app

  4. yohan
    July 12, 04:46 Reply

    nice info, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Clocks All Around
    November 08, 02:40 Reply

    Why the app not available for other country? eBay offically works in Russia, but there no mobile app.

  6. Condo Target
    December 03, 06:43 Reply

    My Nexus One is running 2.1 and it’s not appearing in my Market in Australia so could be region dependent & version dependent. Anyone got a link to download the APK so we can try it?

  7. Ernest DiRico
    December 06, 03:43 Reply

    That’s really nice to knowing about this Ebay for Android Now Available in Australia, Canada, & UK…Thanks for the information on blog. This information made my study easier.

  8. Eco Village
    December 06, 06:38 Reply

    Ebay application for Android devices has not made approachable in Australia, Canada and UK. The application is absolutely free in the Android market

  9. Glenn Eanes
    December 09, 04:11 Reply

    Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. Thumbs up

  10. Appraiser Now
    January 22, 01:50 Reply

    I’ve always been a huge fan of pkt auctions & like that we have more & more options everyday. But I don’t foresee my using any other eBay app : )

  11. Alice Stubbs
    January 25, 04:03 Reply

    Why is this USA only!?” and “You know countries exist outside the US, right?” Well, it seems these folks lurk more than just the Phandroid comments.We “lurk” all over the world in fact.

  12. 60special parts
    February 18, 04:16 Reply

    Great one,the eBay for Android app is a sure catch for anyone looking to sell that old iPhone and get an Htc Evo on the spot.

  13. Wilted2000
    April 02, 23:05 Reply

    The App appears to have been deleted (in Australia) using both search and the barcode gives no results – other than nothing found at the barcode link. What is going on?

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