60 Best Medical Apps for Android

The very ambitious team over at EHR Software Advice have put together a list of the “60 Best Medical Apps” for Android phones.  Why do we view classify this as ambitious?  That’s easy.  They took the time to manually cull through 1,200 “Health” applications in the Android Market and organize them into 18 sub-categories. 

If you are headed off to medical school this fall, you will want to bookmark the page and download the most relevant titles to address your needs.  Keep in mind that many of these apps are not free, with some fetching over $150 per purchase.  However, with the cost of books and supplies, we don’t imagine a few bucks here and there will matter much!

Thanks for the heads up Chris!

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  • Ethan

    Seriously? No iTriage?

  • Jeoff

    u can use the nursing central app ($150) instead of the textbooks, so it actually saves u money, even tho it's an expensiv app

  • John

    Great list, forwarded this to my doctor boyfriend.

    • att

      boyfriend? gay?! come on!

  • Barry

    iSurgery is amazing.. guides you through performing surgeries on yourself or family members in the comfort of your own home.

  • wow Android cool man 🙂

  • wij

    it's really helpful application…

  • it’s very useful

  • ZenCoder

    have you guys come out with a list yet?

  • Wynne

    Great! will forward this to my nurse girlfriend

  • pretender

    anatronica – anatomy 3d free for android! i think its the best out there
    check it out! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GoodwillEnterpriseDevelopment.Anatronica

  • Edward Bishop

    The apps from instamedic are great for new doctors, nurses, paramedics & medical students, I’m a med student and I have 3 of them! https://play.google.com/store/search?q=instamedic&c=apps

  • frengky

    htc one with android,,,awesome,,,incredible,,,,satisfied

  • There is a website at http://www.medicalandroidapps.com that is worth taking a quick look at. There is a pretty large selection of android apps for medical professionals…