March 29, 2015

Alcatel OT-980 Launching in France for Budget-Minded Consumers

French website SmartPhoneFrance (In English via Google Translate) managed to get a preview unit of the upcoming Alcatel OT-980. This phone is an entry level that was first unveiled at MWC last February and will be available later this summer in France. The major difference between this phone and some other entry level phone like the HTC Wildfire is the form factor.  It is a portrait slide-up with a small keyboard.

Overall, the specifications are nothing really fancy, it will have Android 2.1 (no words on 2.2) so that is not a bad start for new comers to Android. The major weakness is its screen, a resistive 2.8 inches screen with a small resolution of 240×320. This Low Density screen will not be great to browse the web but it will also limit the number of application available to the device. Otherwise, it has everything you can expect from in an Android device: Bluetooth, WIFI, 3G, MicroSD, MicroUSB, 3.5mm for headphones and handsfree kit, GPS with compass, accelerometer, 2 Megapixels camera and a 600Mhz processor.

The front has 5 keys: Menu, Home, Back and also Call and Hang-up. These last 2 hardware keys will help this phone to be accepted by novices who expect to find these keys that you don’t find anymore on many Android devices. As for the sliding keyboard, the test unit SmartPhoneFrance tested was a QWERTY, it will be AZERTY for the French market, it might mean that this phone will be available in other countries. In their review, SmartPhoneFrance said that while the keyboard is small, it is very pleasant to use.

So, here is a new low budget Android device that would certainly would not be picked up by Android power users but that would be a nice start for new comers. What do you think, would you recommend it to someone who would want a simple phone with Android?

Source SmartPhoneFrance.

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  1. In Ear Headphones

    There will be many manufacturers trying to capitalize on the name itself, making Android devices in all kinds of shit. I think there will be many to advance

  2. boss5

    Don't mind me saying but, that looks like one of those old muscle cars from the 60's.

  3. rev2redlineguy

    I think for a first-time Android user (someone coming from a "dumbphone" as they call them) this would be the perfect introduction to Android smartphone for them. Hey, ya gotta start somewhere, eh?

  4. itskapil

    Not impressed at all. It's cheap but what's left in there to buy this one. Even ages old Samsung Spica has 3.2 inch screen. Poor effort!

  5. hockey mom

    Does anybody know when Android 2.2 will be updated to this phone ? And will this make Skype possible ?

  6. Heated Blanket

    I am not impressed at how many device manufacturers are not producing handsets that work with Android. The only handful who are making them sell for very high prices.

    This makes it hard for some of us who are not in the position to afford something that expensive. I hope the market changes soon.


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