You Tell Us: What’s Your Favorite Food Related App?

In preparation for tonight’s podcast, we’d like to see what your favorite Android application is when it comes to food.  Do you use it to count calories?  Does it help you book tables at a local restaurant?  Did you use it for a recipe over the 4th of July weekend? Tell us!

Leave a comment below and share your apps with other Android users!

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  1. Direct_Matrix
    July 05, 16:54 Reply

    Calorie Counter to stay thin and Epicurious to fatten up. Also, Google Maps usually is sufficient to use as a restaurant/food finder.

  2. @raww_talent
    July 05, 17:00 Reply

    Urbanspoon. Best way to find new food to eat no matter where you are. Something about the randomness of it is a lot of fun.

  3. Russ Bliss
    July 05, 17:26 Reply

    Epicurious, by far. I use it at least once a week. Description, rating, creates shopping list, saved favorites, 1000's of recipes, and gives precise directions.
    What esle do you need?

    • chilly
      July 14, 01:02 Reply

      i love epi also, but i had to free up space… 4mb is kinda a lot

  4. Max
    July 05, 15:03 Reply

    Definitely Epicurius for the recipes and Swirl for the wine. Opentable is almost there but not quite. I don’t know why their android version doesn’t let you pick a specific restaurant.

  5. Anthony
    July 05, 19:15 Reply

    I love the randomness of Urbanspoon if I can't figure out where I want but know what type of food I want. I also use yelp a lot.

  6. @CLFatica
    July 05, 19:29 Reply

    OurGroceries to collaboratively create a grociery list or recipe ingredients with my wife

  7. Maff
    July 13, 06:59 Reply

    I use "Calorie Counter", it ties in with the website

  8. John
    July 13, 11:32 Reply

    I use Livestrong's Calorie Counter to watch what I eat and Yelp to find and review restaurants.

  9. Kenji
    July 13, 15:12 Reply

    I like Yelp. Easy to use, monocle is awesome, and now I can check in and connect with friends. Oh and I like how I can upload food pics directly to the website. Very handy.

  10. Gerry
    July 13, 19:34 Reply

    I use yelp to find places to eat, calorie counter for watching what I eat, and epicurious to find recipes.

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