App Review: ProOnGo Expense


ProOnGo has developed a great expense tracking program that utilizes your phone’s camera to “scan” a receipt, and upload it to their server, and then shoot it back to your phone with fields such as name of venue and total spent auto-populated.    There are different tiers of subscription that one can use to make the application and the website coincide better.  (The more you spend, the better it works!)

Tracking any receipt, or gas mileage is very easy, and self-explanatory, it uploads all the information for you via your camera (although you can edit any field manually in case of error or adjustment)  and you can export an “expense report” in numerous formats, including Microsoft Excel.

Although I personally found it very easy to snap a picture of my receipt at the restaurant while I was still sitting there, for other purchases, I felt awkward taking a picture of my receipt in front of random strangers and clerks. So if you’re like me, don’t worry, you can always update all the information via the website with your receipts in hand. (With the paid version.)

When I first started using the application, I had some misunderstandings about the website.  After deciding to e-mail customer service, I got a response the same day, and they were very helpful.  I really enjoyed being able to look at and edit my reports/expenses from either my phone or the computer, that was definitely a huge plus for me.

There really are a lot of things that this application is capable of doing, and if you’re serious about organizing your expenses, it is truly worth the subscription fee.  To sweeten things up, they give you en entire month to try it for free.  Unlike other “trials”  out there, your card doesn’t even get charged for the first month.  This isn’t one of those “month number two is free: deals.

As with any app, it is not perfect.  On occasion, I did have my receipt grand total upload as the subtotal, but again, it was an easy fix on my part.  A nice feature would be for an ability to put a balance in there, similar to a check register.  I’d also like to have expenses automatically deducted, but I assume that is not the main purpose of the software.

As I mentioned above, ProOnGo Expense is  free to try for an entire month.  Give it a shot! I’m very happy with it, and have continued to use it after my “testing” of it has been completed.