Samsung Vibrant Promo Video Hits The Web


The Samsung Vibrant now has it’s own version of the Samsung Galaxy S series promo videos, too.  That’s right, T-Mo is now able to get in on the fun themselves, with their own little clip. I even think it’s better than the videos for the Epic 4G and the Captivate, but we’ll let you be the judge.  Does anyone else have that damn stuck in their head besides me? Let me know what you think in the comments people! Go Android!

Source: Android Central

  • Stella

    I can't wait to get my hands on this phone. I don't care about a FFC but I do care about battery life and so far I've heard great things about the battery life.

  • Yeeeah, pretty much gave up all hope on the Evo. Was my super phone of choice for months… then it came out. Sad Panda. The Sprint version of the Galaxy S is my new shining glory, though having given up on the hard kboard, Im not sure how willing I am to go back.

    Its like getting back together with an ex you dumped for no fault of her own. What if you realise you genuinely just didnt want her anymore? Awk-waaard.

    (I still cant bring myself to call it by Sprints stage name… The Epic? I love my Hero because Im a comic book nerd, but the Epic sounds like theyre trying too hard.)

  • cool, i like it 🙂

  • i agree with you. go android

  • From all the reviews, articles, and unboxing vids, this looks to be the current BAD ASS phone for now…. time to upgrade from my G1, haha!