Consumer Reports Refuses to Recommend iPhone 4

Ummm, Steve, I think you are holding it wrong.

This is almost too good to be true for iPhone haters, but in a report over at, Consumer Reports is saying that it cannot recommend the iPhone 4 because of the antenna issues that it is having.  A quote from the article;

“When your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side —an easy thing, especially for lefties — the signal can significantly degrade enough to cause you to lose your connection altogether if you’re in an area with a weak signal,” Consumer Reports said. “Due to this problem, we can’t recommend the iPhone 4.”

Consumer Reports has long been held in regard for the extensive testing that the organization does on electronic products.  At 7.3 MILLION subscribers, this is a public relations nightmare, and gives real creedence to the fact that the iPhone 4 has some issues to work through. Consumer Reports did say that when a free case or fix is released that remedies the problem, they will re-evaluate the iPhone 4. In the meantime, if you were wanting an iPhone, you could just get an Android handset, Andy doesn’t care how you hold him!

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  1. Antonio
    July 13, 16:03 Reply

    Hey Guys, this post should not be he here. F*ck iphone. really. just ignore them. The only place they belong in this blog is when doing a marketshare comparison to see how their's is shrinking versus the android. nowhere else.

    • droidin
      July 13, 16:23 Reply

      I agree. It's sad to see all this pointless competitors bashing. To be relevant this article should at least have something like: "On the contrary "Consumer Reports" praised EVO as best invention since sliced bread"

    • Spencer
      July 13, 19:02 Reply

      I don't really mind it; I love to see the failure that iphone is :)

  2. ari-free
    July 13, 16:18 Reply

    android guys, I check your site everyday thanks to the headlines from adrolib "News from Androidosphere"
    Keep up the good work

  3. G--
    July 13, 13:42 Reply

    Hate to say it but the N1 has that issue aswell, sill I like the n1 more.

    • dswatson
      July 14, 19:28 Reply

      N1 can get a signal drop, but it is not caused by the same problem. I also have not heard of reduced data speeds and dropped calls as a result, though I don't own an N1. Apple has a straight up design issue that really is not remedied w/o a case. You cant freaking short the antenna by touching the device on an N1. Definitely not the same issue.

  4. Josh
    July 13, 14:34 Reply

    @Ari-Free, that’s also a bad thing. I have a Motorola Cliq, it’s stuck at 1.5 a friend of mine has a G1 running 1.6 I have the newer phone but he has a newer Android version. Apple only has to worry about 2 devices, iPhone 4 and the 3GS. The fragmentation of Android is one of the few faults I can find with the platform.

  5. JohnB
    July 13, 19:00 Reply

    I for one am loving this Apple bad press! This can only help Android make further market share gains. Finally everyone else sees how Apple can be so insanely arrogant, stuff we non walled garden types have known for years.

  6. Stoklait_Charfish
    July 13, 19:33 Reply

    Yes, AppleHandJobs richly deserves having this knife twisted in his arrogant scrawny ass, and the negative PR can only improve Android marketshare, so if you stick it in and break it off – well done, I say!

  7. Art
    July 13, 19:39 Reply

    To say this article is bias would be an understatement. The real story here is even with the reception issue that not everyone is having. The phone is still sold out everywhere and is the number one rated smartphone by Consumer Reports. You forgot to put that in there. So I will help you out :

    I've owned both phones so I am definitely not a fanboy.

  8. Josh
    July 13, 16:54 Reply

    It’s funny that Apple has a phone that has issues and it gets blown out of proportion like this. HTC has had signal issues, screen problems and whatever else, Motorola will only cater to the Droid and ignore the other models when it comes to updates. Samsung just flat out refused to go past 1.6 on the behold, but oh no Apple has a signal issue that DOES NOT affect every iPhone and it’s the end. I love Android but come on, it’s far from perfect just like iPhone.

    • revray35
      July 13, 23:22 Reply

      See Josh, the difference is that Apple is the only maker of the iPhone, so they are the only company to blame for the issues being had. All the issues you mentioned are valid, but not Google's fault, and certainly not in the same realm of hardware not working like it should. And no one in the Android world is telling the Android users "You're holding it wrong".

      • Josh
        July 14, 11:48 Reply

        I never said that it was Googles fault, the only reason this is headline news is because its the iPhone. This is where Google has it good with Android opposed to Apple and the iPhone, Google can shift the blame to hardware manufacturers and not lose anything by it. I know that my Cliq is probably never going to get the 2.1 update but I cant blame that on Google because Motorola makes the phone and controls updates so that means Google has not done anything to keep me from trying another Android phone. Google can always shift the blame to cover Android, Apple cant shift the blame to cover iOS.

  9. wildanr
    July 13, 19:25 Reply

    It’s funny, even apple release craps product sometimes.

  10. Camouflagemoney
    July 14, 02:34 Reply

    Thats sad when even the Android guys can't stick to covering android and have to take time to hate on someone else's phone. Dang and i once had respect for ya'll for being that cool laidback doing our own thing crowd. Now ya'll are just as bad as the always angry Blackberry users.

  11. yohan
    July 14, 03:52 Reply

    IPhone must fix the problem :)

  12. Masztaar
    July 16, 01:40 Reply

    revray35 is right. Android is an OS not a phone – Apple could actually get away with this if they apologized and released a FREE fix for the phone, but instead they are arrogant as ever. For example, there is no valid reason why their phones dont support flash, führer Jobs says its because he thinks its outdated, and that he made a choice to not use it – SO WHAT if its out of date? if 95% of the damn internet uses it then why not just have it in the phone regardless? Its like saying "we are not going to release our new phone, because in a year or two we will have invented yet another, better phone" its pure INSANITY. Apple fanboys make me twitch since they are the ones being screwed over, disrespected and ignored – yet still they defend Apple by using the same insane excuses that Jobs does.

  13. ari-free
    July 13, 18:06 Reply

    well that's the whole point of Android: if one OEM screws up, there are plenty that will take its place instead of betting the farm on just one phone.

  14. Spencer
    July 13, 19:10 Reply

    nexus one did not have signal issues. 99.99% of users never had problems and an update came and fixed it for the rest of the .001%. That was blown way out of proportion. And even for users with the problems it was not nearly as bad as the iphone 4 problems on EVERY SINGLE PHONE

  15. Josh
    July 14, 21:27 Reply

    Not every phone is affected

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