First Hands On Review of the Huawei S7 Android Tablet

The Huawei S7 Android tablet as been released in the UK, and we are starting to see the first hands on reviews of the unit. has posted a favorable review of the unit, calling the tablet the “Businessman’s new best friend”. Those are pretty glowing remarks. The author of the article makes it clear that while the unit is not an iPad killer, it is not designed to be such.  He points out that the unit falls into it’s own nice category, and can be seen as a “big brother” to a user’s Android handset. He also points out that the unit is way more cost effective to get a 3G model out of the gate than an iPad.  I have to admit, being a person who is REALLY looking forward to seeing an Android tablet in the states, I am very jealous of our brothers in the UK. Here is to hoping that we can look forward to seeing a tablet like this in America soon!

  • Isaac

    I wont be buying an android tablet until someone comes out with one that is the same size and shape as the IPad. I dont understand why that is so difficult to do.

    • anko

      Then buy Ipad IT NOT SO DIFFICULT!!!IDIOT!

    • Wil

      The HUGE size of iPad is what stops me from buying it. I want something bigger than a smart phone but much smaller than the iPad. Something that I can take around with, big enough for checking email and browse the internet. Yet small enough for my camera bag.

  • Apple had a head start with the iPad but the competitors are starting to release tablets in the UK. I saw a Windows tablet in a shop the other day and now this means that Apple no longer have things their own way! Also interesting to see that Android apps work – I thought I had read somewhere that Android apps wouldn't work on devices with larger screens!

  • markntravis

    Does anyone else think it strange that the retailer gives it a glowing review?

  • I love the design and the size of the latest The Huawei S7, definitely i will buy one for my girlfriend.

  • i like Huawei 🙂

  • Ugh, resistive Screen again. The Apps work bacause the resolution is quite low with 800×450.
    Would have been nice if the review contained a bit of a review. Instead of 3/4 of the article saying how nice the size is, with the rest talking about how much cheaper than the ipad it is.

    • alp

      its not risis its cap look it up

      • troyy0206

        It’s resistive, I have one.

        • I just bought the Huawei tablet – IDEO S7, it has 800×480, 1GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon, 8GB FGlash Memory and 512 RAM.
          It is a FANTASTIC Tablet and I am having lot of fun.
          I also bougt the Archos 7 – DO NOT BUY IT!!!! Archos 7 HOME TABLET is old and slower and most apps I tried to run would not work! So I just returned it after one day! But this is a great tablet and works like a charm. Also it has a REMOVABLE BATTERY and 2 WebCams!
          Just go get it and you should have as much fun asn I did and since you have one, let us all know what are you doing with it.
          I like POKER and utilities and I just learned a secret:
          I wanted to use it also as a GPS but I do not like to spend $$$ for a phone connection for this unit so I put in my OLD phones SIM card and it works! The towers are used as signal detection and one does not need much more. Now, you could not get data for free, but the towers for phones give me info for the street GPS app that is installed on my unit.
          I’ll let you know more about it after some tests in ext few days.
          Happy TURKEY DAY!

  • Mikkel

    Hardly a review in any sense of the word. Categorize it as a fluff piece and be a bit more critical about the sources here.

  • Hands-on test drive by me I don’t think it’s worth the $300 for it. Just a 768MHz with only 256MB of RAM.

    • troyy0206

      The unit has 512MB of RAM (check it with Android System Info). I bought one a few days ago after watching youtube videos of different devices for about 3 weeks. Even though it runs at 768MHz, I read somewhere it’s an under-clocked 1GHz Snapdragon CPU–I have yet to investigate this further. The screen is resistive but is VERY responsive compared to others I’ve seen on youtube and that I’ve tried out. It’s a great starter tablet, IMO. It responds well, seems fast, and does what I want so far. I do think that six months from now, Android tablets will be exponentially nicer than they are now, but for the money, the S7 is pretty impressive, IMO.

      • Cafe.Racer

        I’ll be the first to say! I DON’T know what I am talking about. But I do know that I like the unit (just got it about a week ago) no one on Youtube or anywhere else is giving it enough time to get use to it. I don’t know why everyone is upset about the touch screen, I like it…… gives me a sense of actually pressing something not just touching.

        Its fast enough…….but like everything there are a few things, that could be worked out. But nothing that tells me I should go out and spend more money to buy an apple product….. maybe I’m just cheap….. but it does what I need it to do….. and its cheap!

        Thats my 2 cents!

  • ava

    well, you can buy it now, I did wrtie a review about it

  • William R.

    Just went to Best Buy this morning to look at the different tablets they offered and after demo-ing them all i was more impressed with the Huawei S7 Android Tablet. Its faster than the iPad and for my everyday business i believe it will be great. Im enjoying every minute of it even though its my first day with it. No complaints yet…i highly recommend it.

  • brian davie

    as a novice to this kind of unit can i use the sim card from my phone on this unit !! please help
    what othere ways can you connect to the internet !! many thanks

  • Alex

    if you want ipad you may as well get a laptop or mac they are about the same size i have a huwaei s7 myself and its big but not so big its not portable however it still runs smooth and has the android market also this has a camera does ipad have one that doesn’t cost extra no
    also the ipad is just for home use but the huwaei s7 if u have a small bag or big pockets can be taken anywhere


  • Ailsa613

    Wow, this Huawei S7 is available for all over the world on

    But i have heard about the rumor said that Huawei S7 will be stopped production, have your guys heard that?

  • xin

    it looks like a sony ericson isnt it? if u have experia …they have the same features