International Galaxy S Root Method Works on U.S. Versions


Samsung’s Galaxy S line is sure to be a winner, with 1Ghz processors and beautiful Super AMOLED screens. The only thing that could make it better is the ability to gain root access without jumping through a bunch of hoops. Well, it appears that our friends across the pond may be able to help with that. LeshaK, a Russian developer from Samdroid, has successfully rooted the international version (i9000) of the Galaxy S with a simple procedure, and the guys over at XDA Developers have managed to port it over to the American varieties of the Galaxy S.

The process seems to be quite painless, as all it takes is flashing an file. Pretty easy, right? They can confirm that this works with the Captivate (AT&T) and the Vibrant (T-Mobile), and should work with the Epic 4G (Sprint) and the Fascinate (Verizon) upon launch.

A custom Rom has already been made by Paul O’Brian of MoDaCo for the i9000, but has yet to be tested on any of the U.S. models. Although Sammy has promised official Froyo for all, it seems the hackers of the Android community may beat them to it.

Thanks to AndroidAndMe for the tip.


  1. I'm getting the Vibrant on Thursday (first time Android user)…this seems interesting 🙂

    Is there anything I need to watch out for when rooting?

  2. Watch out for bricking your phone…. But since this one only involves flashing a file there is little to no chance of that happening. I am getting the captivate next month and it will be only my second Android phone, and the first time I will root. I really cant wait. PS for easy ROM switching after root check out ROM manager. I here it is a blessing from God (and, of course, ClockworkMod team :))

  3. Im getting mine sunday ive been waiting on this phone since march
    probably wont root until im sure of no problems im so excited about this phone

  4. Considering how fast samsung updates their software, this may be a saving grace for many users buying the galaxy products.

  5. This is BIG guys!! That means those of you buying the T-Mobile Vibrant tomorrow will be able to use rooted and custom ROMS on it! That means you'll always have the latest version of Android.

    That will NEVER happen on the Verizon Droid X, which in addition to a cryptographically signed and locked bootloader, it has a eFuse that will blow if you try to load an unauthorized ROM, thus bricking your phone. Droid X users will forever be at the mercy of Motorola and Verizon for upgrades.

  6. Totally agree with the above comment that Samsung is just known in the world for its excellent services and quality, but the only thing that could make it more better is the ability to gain root access without jumping through a bunch of hoops.

  7. I like this news. The more people who get the handset, the more pressure that gets put on samsung to maintain it and provide updates and fixes. They are doing an amazing job. GOOD WORK GUYS. LOVE THIS PHONE!!!

  8. Interesting information. That means those of you buying the T-Mobile Vibrant tomorrow will be able to use rooted and custom ROMS on it! That means you’ll always have the latest version of Android.Thanks for sharing these useful information!

  9. Sure you’ll be able to run custom roms based off the offical Samsung 2.1 release but good luck running anything not released by Samsung..Like froyo for example.Samsung isn’t required to release source to their drivers and without them your screwed.

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