Loophole Allows for Non-Market apps on Aria

Do you have an HTC Aria? Hate not being able to install third-party apps because of AT&T‘s restrictions? Well, Engadget may have found a solution to your woes. They’ve discovered that the HTC Sync desktop client for the Aria allows users to sideload APK files and install them on the device from their PC.

While this doesn’t enable non-Market apps on the phone, it’s still useful for those of you that want to install APKs, Swype being a prime example. Engadget has tried this and confirms that it works. But, HTC may issue a new version of the software soon to deal with this loophole, so you might want to try it while you can.

  • Mike

    The problem is the Swype beta is swype-installer.apk, which downloads the real swype.apk from the internet and then tries to launch it on the Aria itself, which fails because of AT&Ts restrictions. Where do you get a swype.apk that you can sideload since Swype has asked XDA to stop posting it?

  • Dianne

    Ever Android device that has market is required to support development, and thus support adb. You can use adb to install applications (you need to be able to, so you can run applications you develop on the device). You don't need any trickery, you can just use standard adb.

  • Riccardo

    Will this method work with the Sirius XM app for Android?

    I already pay Sirius XM for 1 radio AND online streaming, which enables me to stream XM on my Moto q9h phone (Windows Mobile 6.1 OS) for no extra charge via mobile.musicdock.com. But that apparently only works because my Moto uses Windows Media Player. I'd planned to buy an HTC Aria, but learned the Droid app for Sirius XM is only free for 7 days. Is there any other app that would allow me to stream my paid-for XM subscription on an Aria without double-paying Sirius?

  • nice info, thanks for sharing 🙂