Microsoft Reportedly Working on Bing App for Android

As a former iPhone owner, I have to say that the Bing App for the iPhone is really bad ass.  Because it was so good I often wondered if it would ever come to Android(especially because Android is Google’s baby).  Now it appears that those thoughts just might come true as CNET is reporting that Microsoft has their own Bing application in the works.  According to CNET’s Ina Fried, Microsoft is set to announce a Bing Anroid client at the Bing Search Summit in SanFrancisco.  Obviously nothing it set it stone yet, but we will definitely keep an eye out for this.  Stay tuned folks.

Would anyone use Bing for Android (besides me of course)? Do you think it is even worth it for them to have an application?

Source: CNET

  • I guess if you cant beat em, join em!

  • Joe Momma

    Bing, LOL.

  • Hahahahaha.

  • AdamZ

    Probably not. I’d give it a shot, but my previous experience with Bing has been anything but stellar.

    – AdamZ

  • Droid Fan

    Thanks for the heads up Kellex! You've always got your news out at the right time.

  • DaveC

    If Microsoft want to develop something for Android, how about a video player that will do WMVs???

  • nice info, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Zune app next please!

  • Dan

    What about silverlight – didnt they say they were developing that 2 years ago for android? As little as 2 months ago i heard they were still thinking about releasing that.

    I say big fat myth.

  • Canuck

    Bing for Android would still be based on the flimsy Bing search engine – hard to see why anyone would care about the app.

  • Spencer

    But as an actual search engine, Bing kinda sucks and google kinda rocks

  • Bing?? Lol.. seems like throwing salt to the sea :p

  • oky

    haha… i cant belive it….