Droid X Teaser Hits Internet, Scares us into Hiding [VIDEO]

Do Verizon and Motorola have some secret hidden agenda that has them wanting to scare everyone into buying Droid phones?  Check out the brilliantly designed and excruciatingly paced teaser for the Droid X, which happens to go on sale tomorrow.  We really don’t see anything at all, yet we’re too afraid to look at what’s next.

If we can get up the nerve to crawl out from under our desks, we’ll probably swing by our local Verizon store.  See You Tomorrow. (Video after the jump)

Source: Droid Life

  • JPope1

    WOW!……Pretty LAME

  • HUH?

    I think all that video did was make me run as fast and far as I could from my local Verizon Retailer.

  • Damian Levy

    All the marketing in the world will not convince me to buy an Android phone with a Locked and cryptographically signed bootloader.

    As soon as Motorola stops supporting the Droid X (probably within 7-9 months of its Launch), Droid X users will never be able to update to a custom ROM.

    Look at the G1 users… they have a 2 year old piece of hardware, yet they are still able to run Froyo (2.2) on it. Good Luck running the latest Android 2 years down the line with your Droid X.

    I’ll stick with a Nexus One for now.

    • David

      Completely agree, and it's unfortunate. Verizon seemed to be moving forward with recent releases, but this jump back to locked devices with crippled functionality isn't something I can ever support.

  • simon

    The advertising doesn't matter when the product is crippled.

    Die, Motorola, die!

  • John

    This phone will be outdated within half a year. Motorola will drop support and move on to their latest Droid "superphone". All those people who bought this phone will be crying for an upgrade, and will be at the mercy of Motorola, because the phone is so absurdly locked down that there will NEVER be a custom rom for this phone. And forget about rooting this phone too..

    I think I'll stick with the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile. Its got a faster GPU, a better screen, already has been rooted and I can save 15% a month on my monthly bill with T-Mobile. Shame that Verizon's got all the marketing money, but T-Mobile actually has a better phone this time!

  • Phil

    In 8 months, motorola will drop support for this phone and you people who bought it will be stuck on Froyo or Gingerbread, while the rest of us on open Android phones will be moving on to 3.5 and even Android 4.0!

  • Alex

    Me want. Awesome commercial.