Quick Fix for Those of us Who Want/Need a Google Voice (Desktop) App

I remember seeing an article where someone had made a Google Voice port using Adobe Air and I finally found it .  So in the meantime, before Google decides to bless us with a dedicated GV app here’s one that should work on Windows and Linux. (Full disclosure:  I am currently running it on Ubuntu and it’s all good.)

  • mobilehavoc

    WTF? Was this meant to be posted on an iPhone Blog? The Google Voice app has been out for Android for many months.

    • Sam

      This is for the PC desktop and is stand alone from the browser.

  • Kevin

    I hope that isn't your real phone number?

  • Sam

    Click on the link in the article, it's the developer's info: http://rstoeber.com/apps/Google_Voice_Utility.htm

  • cashless

    There’s a TON of solutions to get GV working as a wrapper. There’s GV extensions for chrome and firefox, prism based apps, Gvoice for adobe air….

    All of these that I mention are cross platform (Win/Mac/Linux).

    • Sam

      Yeah, the reason I pointed this particular one out is b/c it runs outside of a browser and we were discussing on the AG podcast a few weeks back.

  • Phillip

    This is useless. You need to be connected to the internet for it to work, so why not just use a browser?

    • Then yahoo will stop developing Yahoo Messanger for desktop

    • Sam

      I use it in Chrome and Firefox but why not use it on the desktop as well? It's all about choice. If you prefer the browser and not this version then I understand but useless? Not at all, not to the person who chooses run it as a stand-alone instance.

  • name

    Phillip, I guess some of us do not want to use it on a browser and do prefer to use it on desktop. 🙂