Quick Fix for Those of us Who Want/Need a Google Voice (Desktop) App


I remember seeing an article where someone had made a Google Voice port using Adobe Air and I finally found it .  So in the meantime, before Google decides to bless us with a dedicated GV app here’s one that should work on Windows and Linux. (Full disclosure:  I am currently running it on Ubuntu and it’s all good.)


  1. WTF? Was this meant to be posted on an iPhone Blog? The Google Voice app has been out for Android for many months.

  2. There’s a TON of solutions to get GV working as a wrapper. There’s GV extensions for chrome and firefox, prism based apps, Gvoice for adobe air….

    All of these that I mention are cross platform (Win/Mac/Linux).

    • Yeah, the reason I pointed this particular one out is b/c it runs outside of a browser and we were discussing on the AG podcast a few weeks back.

    • I use it in Chrome and Firefox but why not use it on the desktop as well? It's all about choice. If you prefer the browser and not this version then I understand but useless? Not at all, not to the person who chooses run it as a stand-alone instance.