Goby for Android Helps You Decide What to do This Weekend

Goby.com has been helping folks find new and interesting things to do based on location for quite a while now so it’s only natural that they make the jump to an Android app.  Available today, the free goby Android application will help cure your boredom no matter where you are.  With over four million things to do, broken down over 350 categories, users in every city in the United States have no reason not to be doing something

The goby Android App features:

  • Coverage of 350 categories of things to do, from hiking and caving to restaurants and galleries
  • Coverage of every city, town and region in the United States
  • User geo-location at start
  • Result lists complete with photos
  • Maps and phone numbers to connect users to activities and places
  • Ability to share things to do through Twitter, Facebook and email

User can search nearby activities like hiking, restaurants, and galleries as they start forming this weekend’s plan.  If you’re new to a location, the goby app will help you figure out all the hotspots and goings-on in the area.  Twitter and Facebook integration also make sharing your plans and recommendations a breeze.  Look for goby in the Android Market today on Android 1.5 and above!