Shazam Encore Arrives in Android Market

Music discovery service, Shazam, has announced that they now have two versions of their Android application.   First up Shazam Freemium which is essentially the same version many of us have come to know and love.  The only difference now is that users are limited to five tags per month.  Once a song is identified (tagged), users can find song lyrics, tour info, YouTube videos, MySpace pages and more.  If you need more than five tags a month, you should check out Shazam Encore.

Available for $4.99*, €3.99* and £2.99, Shazam Encore not only provides for unlimited tagging, but it also adds unlimited recommendations.  This way, users are able to discover new music based around songs that have been tagged.  And for those of you living in the United States, Shazam Encore links directly with Pandora so that you can create stations based on your tagged tracks!

“Music discovery is, and always will be, at the heart of Shazam. Consumers want to find as much information about a song or artist as possible and they want it fast,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. “Whether they now opt for our freemium or paid-for service, that is exactly what our Android customers can rely on from us – a fast and easy way to discover, buy and share music in more ways than ever before.”

If you already have Shazam’s free application on your phone, the latest upgrade (2.0) will provide all the new features, inncluding unlimited tagging.

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  1. Chahk
    July 14, 15:31 Reply

    5 tags per MONTH? While staring at ads?!? I want what they're smoking.

  2. @BenjRubenstein
    July 14, 15:38 Reply

    I've been using Shazam for months and I downloaded the update and lost unlimited tagging. I had to downgrade from a backup. Not cool guys. Not cool.

    Proceed with caution.

  3. @The_T_Oli
    July 14, 15:58 Reply

    I just upgraded to Shazam Ver 2.0 this morning. On the upgrade it said that "If you used Shazam on your phone prior to 13 JUL 10, you're still entitled to unlimited tagging"! Is that not true?

    • @szihs
      July 14, 17:06 Reply

      Yes its true. I upgraded yesterday and am entitled to unlimited tagging. (bcoz I have used prior to 13july)

  4. tedted
    July 15, 10:09 Reply

    woooww, it looks good. may be i'll buy

  5. Alex
    July 16, 01:46 Reply

    Thank god i got it before july 13th.

  6. D
    August 05, 22:44 Reply

    @benj Seems like they provide a pretty good service. $5 is pretty cheap for the ongoing support they do. Shouldn’t they be paid for providing you what you have a use for?

  7. Dee
    October 30, 20:20 Reply

    I’ve had Shazam before 7/13/2010 and had unlimited tagging, now due to some issues with my phone, Verizon is sending me a replacement phone. That being said I’m losing my unlimited tagging because the information is tied to the phone it was downloaded to and can’t be transferred to the new device. There should be a way to transfer the info to the new phone without losing your status.

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