Surprise! Motorola Happy they Put all Their Eggs in Android Basket

Hey, remember when Motorola was a big joke in the wireless industry?  Back in the days when Android was getting started and all we had to talk about were HTC products, Motorola was losing market share and money with its resources spread out over 17 platforms.  Fast forward to today where the company is firmly behind Android and you’ll see plenty of smiles on the faces of Sanjay and Co.  Things are going so good in fact that Motorola is now facing shortages on components.

“We doubled down on our bets with Google. We’re happy about it. Sanjay is raving about it.” – John Ellis, director of software and services for Motorola

Was it scary to consolidate and focus on only one platform?  Sure, but it wasn’t going to stop them.

“The complexity for us was monstrous.  We would have internal development paralysis because we were afraid of breaking anything.   I don’t know if we’re necessarily paranoid about it (going Android-only).  Certainly, we’re very conscious about it.”

Things can only get better for the company as the Droid X arrives tomorrow and the Droid 2 lands in the coming weeks.  Starting with last year’s Droid, Motorola has been on the type of comeback trail that Palm could have only dreamed of.

  • It's a shame that Moto has decided to lock down all of their future phones and state directly that if users want to truly own their Android devices, and be able to install whatever software we want on them, that they don't want our business. It's sad, really – I love my Moto Droid, but it will certainly be the last Moto device I purchase unless they change their policy of locking down all future devices in ways that prevent the installation of modded ROMs.

    • androidfanboi33

      No rooting? I find that hard to believe. It's been done for almost every android device out there to date.

      • Spencer

        It'll be done fast, but it'll be very difficult to put custom ROMs on it; to the point where its not worth it

    • Exactly. What makes things worse: Motorola doesn't update their devices (except Droid, the one exception). So when you buy the 1.5 Cliq… you're stuck with it. And you can't even manually upgrade because they've locked it down.

    • bemymonkey

      Actually, as a Milestone owner, I'm hoping just a little that this lockdown policy will cause Motorola to crash and burn, erasing them from the face of the mobile phone industry.

      They do not deserve to be using Android.

  • frankie

    The truth is that google should step in and make policies regarding the locking of boot roms. Google preaches open platforms and allowing vendors to lock their systems will only lead to an Apple like OS. If they step in now and force the issue they can ensure that we all do not have to worry about which version of android we purchase. They have the power to do this. They can always offer a disclaimer to void warranty if rooted or if rom is replaced.

    • Spencer

      I think its the other way around; by doing what they are doing (letting the manufacturers do whatever the hell they want) they create a very diverse content for the customer. They have no "do this or else" like apple, you can choose

  • mikeeeee

    only ones doin' it are CDMA carrriers.

    GSM phones can be hacked open and unlocked.

    • Not true, Middle East GSM droid is locked.

  • RM07

    Motorola's comeback has been awesome, and they've done it with exceptional components and great build quality. Choosing OMAP over Snapdragon looks to be another brilliant choice.

    However, their failure regarding the boot rom issue is almost equally astounding. Way to draw a line in the wrong sand. Don't embrace the *worst* of Apple's policies (read: mistakes). WAKE the F— up and embrace your enthusiasts.

  • Max Nicks

    My Moto Droid was the first Motorola phone I've purchased in 7 or 8 years. Now, everybody in my family has one. None of our phones are rooted. It's been nice knowing I could if I wanted to. I've seriously considered the CC mod. Alas, with the future Moto phones I AM NOT ALLOWED. Those four words have earned HTC my future business. I was going to wait for the Droid 2 and purchase it outright. Now I have a whole new range of devices from which to choose.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Yeah, as a Cliq owner (and soon to be a Vibrant owner in a few days when they deliver it to me) you are basically S.O.L. with updates. In my opinion, I don't think this device will see 2.1 until after September. What a shame because for the Cliq to be Motorola's first Android phone, it should be an example when in fact it's an embarrassment.

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