I choose you HD2! (For Android 2.1-2.2!)

We knew it was being worked on, and we had heard rumors that progress was being made, but it seems that a breakthrough has been acheived on the HTC HD2 from T-Mobile, allowing builds of both Froyo and a 2.1 build of Android with Sense UI as seen on the HTC Desire.  Android Community is reporting that while it is not an everyday ROM, it is certainly usable for kicks and giggles with good progress being made regularly towards a stable build.

The HD2 is a good looking handset with some pretty impressive specs that is crippled by having the lousy Windows Mobile 6.5 installed with no hope of an upgrade to the OS.  It is a telltale sign that the handset is now $99 at Wal-Mart and other retailers.

If progress continues on this project, and we see a stable ROM for this 4.3 inch beauty, it could be a great stop gap phone for those who need to wait for an upgrade, or want a cheap phone to tide them over.  You could conceivably get this handset for less than a hundred dollars, and have a powerhouse Android handset through some simple rooting and hacking.  Check out the video after the break.


  • Phil

    Nice! The HTC HD2 hardware is basically the GSM equivalent of the HTC EVO. I sure wish T-Mobile would have thrown Android on it to begin with, then it would have been a killer phone!

    Anyway, its only a matter of time before Android is 100% functional on this device.. The progress being made is nothing short of Amazing..

  • oky

    it's so inovative

  • I want to buy HTC HD2, but can anyone tell me which is better.. HD2 or HTC Desire?