Dell Streak Hitting AT&T Stores Next Week?


Engadget is reporting that the Dell Streak may be hitting AT&T stores as early as next week.  Apparently AT&T has corporate stores locked down and erected a new product display and implemented security measures that make JFK airport seem easy.

According to Engadget, employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and warned not to get to curious about the display. The display is said to be geared toward a larger device, possibly something five inches or bigger. I guess we will see.

We will be keeping you updated as more news breaks.  Anyone plan on buying a Dell Streak if it does launch next week?

Source: Engadget


  1. I’m going to get one! I can’t afford 500 bucks for the unlocked one. The more I read, the more I think I’m going to enjoy it. Anything that gets me away from the iphone!

  2. Bought a beta device last week, loved it, sold it for a profit today. I already miss the thing, can't wait to buy it again (with a warranty this time).

    As long as the size isn't an inconvenience to carry around for you, the Streak is [expletive] AWESOME!