March 2, 2015

Dell Streak Hitting AT&T Stores Next Week?

Engadget is reporting that the Dell Streak may be hitting AT&T stores as early as next week.  Apparently AT&T has corporate stores locked down and erected a new product display and implemented security measures that make JFK airport seem easy.

According to Engadget, employees are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, and warned not to get to curious about the display. The display is said to be geared toward a larger device, possibly something five inches or bigger. I guess we will see.

We will be keeping you updated as more news breaks.  Anyone plan on buying a Dell Streak if it does launch next week?

Source: Engadget

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  1. travi

    Eye’ve been waiting months for the Streak, eye will dif get this at launch!!!!!

  2. jpan

    Have had an iPhone for 2 years. Was great while it lasted, but I'm ready for the larger screen. I'm getting it

  3. jb

    I’m going to get one! I can’t afford 500 bucks for the unlocked one. The more I read, the more I think I’m going to enjoy it. Anything that gets me away from the iphone!

  4. pax

    Can't wait to sit next to an iPhone user and show off my phone's screen…go Streak

  5. Ron

    Bought a beta device last week, loved it, sold it for a profit today. I already miss the thing, can't wait to buy it again (with a warranty this time).

    As long as the size isn't an inconvenience to carry around for you, the Streak is [expletive] AWESOME!


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