Opera Mini 5.1 Brings Optimized Browsing to Android


The very popular, highly-optimized browser that is Opera has finally shed its Android beta tag.  Effective immediately, handsets running Android 1.5 or higher can take advantage of features such as tabbed browsing, password manager, bookmarks and Speed Dial.  Opera Mini 5.1 can be found for free in the Android Market and looks fantastic on phones with larger screens like the EVO 4G or Droid X.  However, that’s not to say it doesn’t work well on your Motorola Cliq XT.   The rendering and web compression speed things along quite nicely, regardless of display size.


  1. I was extremely disappointed with the beta — it felt slow and awkward, and didn't even support multitouch. Is the final release any better?

    The default Chrome Lite browser is blindingly fast in Froyo, and if you want tabbed browsing and other UI sweetness, DolphinHD is the obvious choice. What does Opera bring to the table?

    • Thanks, Dan. I didn’t see a speed advantage over Dolphin when I tried the Opera beta, but perhaps it’s better now. Does the production release have multitouch support (e.g. pinch zoom)? That’s sort-of a basic prerequisite for an Android or iPhone browser.

  2. Doesn't work any longer on my G1. After installation it hangs forever on the initial screen. I tried uninstalling, soft wipe and same thing. Too bad. THere are sites only that browser work for and now I can't get it to work. Do yourself a favor and wait to upgrade and stay in beta version.

  3. hi! i am using htc wildfire with android 2.1. I downloaded mini 5.1 and tried installing it. but i always get a message “unable to connect to internet.please check your settings” . this happens even when i am logged in (i can access the net using my default browser) which means iam connected. any suggestions?