Rumor: Motorola Droid Reaching End of Life


Some interesting news to report tonight.  Apparently a document leaked recently in the Droid Forums indicating that the original Motorola Droid has reached end of life status (say it ain’t so Verizon!). This means it will be phased out of Verizon’s system in the next month or two.  Whether or not this rumor is true or not, it definitely makes me a little sad.  Despite this, I can’t say I am suprised with the Droid 2 supposedly launching sometime in the next few months, plus special Droid promos have been going on basically all summer.

Thankfully, developers will continue to carry the torch for this phone so it is not going away anytime soon (thanks devs).  The developer community is bigger than ever and as one of the few “developer phones” for Android, it’ll like still see plenty of action.

What do you think? Has the Droid reached end of life? Is this rumor true?

Source: Droid-Life


  1. It is gone. Once the Drod 2 was announced the Droid 1 days were numbers. I hope this wont effect Froyo getting added official on the device.


  2. It was dead as soon as Google said they were building a Verizon Nexus One. Of course, the Droid Incredible beat it to the chase, but the effect was just the same.

  3. I'd rather have my rooted and over-clocked Droid than any other Android phone on the market today. Fast, reliable, grrat battery life, and it has every bell & whistle available.

    I won't upgrade until the dual processor Snapdragon comes to market late this year.

  4. And in 8 months, the Droid X will be End of Lifed too.. At least the Droid's bootloader is not locked down like the Droid X, and you can install a custom Rom on it.

    This makes my decision to get the T-Mobile Vibrant over the Droid X that much easier. At least the Vibrant has already been cracked.

  5. When i contacted Asurion about a replacement claim for my lost moto droid they said they no longer have or send out replacement moto droids because they are being discontinued. So they sent me an incredible instead.

    Based on that it sounds like the story is true.