September 17, 2014

SwiftKey Beta Hits Android Market and Boy is it Fast!

TouchType’s SwiftKey keyboard replacement for Android has arrived in a timed beta release.  If you have a phone running 1.5 or higher (who doesn’t?), I am advising you to hit the Android Market immediately to download this app.  It’s fast, smart, and clean.  In other words, it’s everything you want or need in a virtual keyboard.  SwiftKey bills itself as of 50% faster than other text prediction solutions and I see no reason to argue.  In fact, after a long day of texting, I can say it’s well on its way to replacing Swype as the default input method on my Cliq XT. 

However, this is not to say the app is without its faults.  Starting out sentences might feel a little awkward at first with the suggested words.  The general intuitiveness is there but it does take some learning to get used to.  My hope is that the beta feedback is well-received and a polished version emerges with the minor quibbles addressed.

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