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  1. KSum
    July 17, 04:22 Reply

    I just went to 2 corporate AT&T stores. They have a pile of them in the back, but they aren't letting them go until Sunday. :(

  2. Jay
    July 17, 04:25 Reply

    I tried three corp. stores in the Chicago-land area on 7/16. …All three denied any sort of access to the phone. Demo, sales, and info.

    Tried Best Buy and, that too…. was a no go.

    Needless to say, I decided to “buy” an EVO 4G until I have more time to get my hands on the Captivate. Then, this battery sucking, laughable “4G”, “SPEED MACHINE” will be returned.

  3. steve
    July 17, 17:38 Reply

    im going to miss my epix
    until I discover how to teather on my new captivate
    yep went to the corp store this morning and they sold it to me for $150 can ya dig it?

    • q-droid
      July 19, 11:35 Reply

      That’s funny, I too had an Epix and got my Captivate for $150. Interesting…

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