“Droid X is Here” Clip Shows What Droid Does to Humans [VIDEO]


A slightly varied version of the Droid X teaser “See You Tomorrow” has landed online thanks to Verizon.  The spot is nearly identical in visuals right up until the end where we get to see what happens when someone sticks their hand in the floating space-like object.  Oh, and the music is different, too.  I have to take my hat off to the team behind this campaign.  I’ve not seen such compelling and interesting work like this for a cell phone before.  These have high production value and look like they belong on the big screen.  Can’t wait to see what happens next!

UPDATE: The original video was yanked by Verizon and replaced with another version.  Both have audio sync issues.

Thanks for the heads up, Kevin!

  • Eugene's Mac

    Video has been removed

  • TareX

    Video removed 🙁

  • yeah I want to see this "movie".

  • I'm curious to see the movie..

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    heuh… cant watch it…