Sprint’s Official Accessories for EVO 4G

Sprint announced this week they are now offering more accessories to compliment your brand new EVO 4G if you were lucky enough to get one.  On top of the accessories we reported a couple of months ago, Sprint is now offering a 6 ft HDMI cable for phone-to-TV viewing of content, bluetooth and wired headsets, a wide variety of cases, batteries and charging options, and all manner of micro sd cards to suit your EVO 4G storage needs.  They are also highlighting an eco-friendly solar charger that has the option of gathering power from either the sun or a wall outlet to be used later to charge your device.

For all the accessory options for your EVO 4G, check out www.sprint.com/accessories

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  1. ndrew
    July 16, 23:36 Reply

    there are so many new accessories with great functionality..
    hope it doesn't cost much..

  2. mouse
    July 16, 19:52 Reply

    They “introduced” about 3 “new” things. The rest have been the same things they’ve been selling since the device came out.

    Nice trick, say accessory and get every blogger to pick it up. If you read the press release, it doesn’t say anything about new, just accessories that are for the Evo.

  3. wij
    July 19, 09:24 Reply

    that's great multifunction…

  4. Patricia Chance
    October 06, 08:09 Reply

    I wish they would come out with a credit card sized bluetooth keyboard, or even a folding keyboard for the EVO. I love my EVO but hate not having an actual keyboard.

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