Unrevoked Root Method for HTC Incredible

Looking for a pain-free way to root your HTC Incredible?  The folks responsible for unrEVOked have released unrEVOked 3 which now supports a one click rooting process for the HTC Incredible.  Its quick, easy ,and best of all, there are no commands to enter.  Like its predecessors, version 3 uses an exploit to unlock the NAND flash long enough to flash a custom recovery image which allows for root access.  Linux and Mac users will find a neat and tidy self -contained program, while Windows users are required to download the necessary drivers separately.  Overall its a small price to pay for root access.

Has anyone had any luck with the current version unrEVOked?  Sound off in the comments.

Source: unrEVOked via droid-life

  • Rick

    Yep. Just did it, super fast. No muss, no fuss.

    • Sean

      I can't get make the revoked link work, and the 1st set of drivers is unregocnizeable by my computer!??
      I can get into hboot mode on the phone, but my computer also will not see my DI as a new device, even though I've unistalled HTC sync and the HTC drivers. HELP!

  • Steve

    I just used it on my EVO (latest OTA update installed) and it worked great.

    • dave

      so what did you do on your evo.. plug it into your computer then run the program? and thats it?… imma noob and i dont wanna phuck up the phone haha.. hit me back [email protected]

  • Sam

    Worked great! Couldn't be easier.

  • I did it this morning and it was very easy. Since I only rooted and didn’t flash a custom ROM, should I still be expecting the OTA Incredible update with hotpot soon?

  • vu le

    I have problem download and install some apk games and apps. force close or error after used unrevoked 3.
    please help with the error anyone.

  • I just did it, when I did hboot at first I didn’t know I was supposed to have control panel>device manager open and adding drivers as it was going on….just a little harder than when I jail broke mah iPad

    My only ? Is when I wanna flash a rom that rqres nand to be unlocked do I have to re run unrevoked3? Idk as of now I’ll look around if ya know or need help

    Dextermorph at gmail

    I want froyo on my evo, cyanogen 6 has both cams werking so hopefully it’s released sooner….peace dah frack out

  • Man, I wish the Inc had been an easier nut to crack. I ended up having to do 2 separate roots on my Inc. The first one went pretty well, the second time I had an extremely difficult time. I'm going to try this on my gf's Inc tonight, if it works as well as the reflash tool it should be a breeze.

  • bill m

    ive been trying all day. Ive got the driver installed, and it shows up in device manager below my android device (desire) Ive tried running unrevoked 3 as admin and not, but it just says "waiting for device,Plug phone in now and enable usb debugging" which i have. USB mode is set to charge. any help appreciated

    • Pantera

      My understanding is that you have to have it in USB Drive mode.

  • jason f

    OK, did this on my HTC Incredible how do I get WIFI tethering to work?

  • wij

    it looks so complex method..

  • Jason

    I run Windows 7 64bit the hboot drivers didnt work so I used an XP 32bit vmware image. Worked fine.

    • Bob B

      Jason, how did you do this? Where did you pickup the vmware image? I am having the same problem.

  • ian

    Downloaded evoked3 to htc evo. "there is no program to open this kind of file"

    • Keith

      Um you need to DL unrevoked3 to the computer not ur android device…

  • ian

    downloaded unevoked3 o htc evo. "there is no program to open this kind of file"

  • Dean

    did this on my HTC Incredible, I am pretty sure I have SU access, installed wireless tether by Harald Muller,
    turn it on & my laptop can detech the SSID and connect, but webpage will not open due to no connection! whats the problem, how do I get WIFI tethering to work?

    • Aakash

      Even with SU access from unrEVOked, you need to run your tether using the appropriate kernel to get full WiFi access. Without the ap-inc kernel, you will only be able to run ad-hoc connections, which could be why your wireless tether isn’t working properly.

      Since you’ve already have SU, check out this video


      Download and extrac the zip file from the notes. Paste the “ap-inc” (3rd folder) to the root of your SD card and follow his instructions (in the last 4 minutes of the video).

      Good luck!

  • Nick B

    Yeah, I used it for my Desire. Tried from my windows machine, got annoyed, so used my Ubuntu Linux netbook. Worked in 2 mins.

  • Steve S

    Just did my HTC Incredible. Once I got the USB driver loaded it was painless. 2 min. Done.

    • Rtkepper

      what did you do? i got the drivers finally but no success with the rooting still! gets all the way to the end and says interrupted!

  • Tried on my Desire via Win7 Pro x64 and would not work. Just says “Waiting for device.” I will try on an XP machine and see if that works.

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  • Rtkepper

    where do i get the drivers from?
    [email protected]

  • Rtkepper

    no luck! every time i run it (that is after I finally found the drivers) it gets to the very end and says it has been interrupted please try again! VERY ANNOYING!
    NEVER had an issue before!!!

  • Anonymous

    i have the WORST luck with my phone and programs. I have been trying for 45 min to just download the damn usb installation on my computer and it is nowhere to be found everytime i go to browse for it. I tried extracting it and suddenly it wont appear on the device manager, then my phone didnt turn on for 20 min no matter what i did and as of right now it just turned off again after i finally got it back on. Pls all I want is to be able to take screenshots for my job anD I am having the worst luck, about to throw the phone and computer. someone pls help me figure this damn mess out. Cant find the usb file to download, where should I put it? thanks.

  • beastmaster

    I loaded drivers on computer and I am still getting security on phone downloaded the unrevoked 3 version comes up with error missing cid

  • beastmaster

    no joy here….states failed to root firmware to new………………..

  • Gpayne360

    it worked on my incredible now just trying to figure out how to start messing around with custom roms with out bricking my phone

  • Gregory Massery


  • Rosco_01

    what drive do yyou need

  • Audio_buck

    says it works for the aria, but at the end is says my firmware is too new

  • Thomassallai

    i cant seem to be able to get the download to work it says i t cant root is your firmware tonew?

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