Everlands Game Makes For Great Fun

The guys over at hexage.net have come up with another great time-consuming game and it is called Everlands.   Honestly, it is probably one of the most addictive games I have ever played, truly excellent.   Within the Android Market there is both a 5-Level Lite version, as well as a fully-functional paid version.

Overall, Everlands is a puzzle game where you have animals who battle one-another on a grid.  The goal is to have as many animals on the grid on your team.  Each animal has it’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own attack range and direction.  Once an animal has exhausted his HP (Hit Points) it changes teams to that of the one who defeated it.

It is a very strategic game, and if in a bind, an unlimited number of “hints” are made available, (but, that takes the fun out of playing, doesn’t it?)

The game may seem somewhat hokey at first, but give it a shot–after a couple of rounds, you really get the hang of what each animal does, and it becomes quite addicting.  After you have played the first five levels over and over again, you’ll shell out the nominal fee for the full-version, and yes, it’s worth every penny.

The tutorial does a great job explaining how to play, but, in my opinion, the best way is trial and error.  You’ll undoubtedly make some mistakes, and lose a few rounds, but that’s half the fun of Everlands.  Do yourself a favor, and download the lite version, and play a few rounds.  You can even use the hints a time or two–we won’t tell.

  • viperfiend07

    app review with no market link or QR code=FAIL

  • oky

    i wanna try it…. i think it’s funny games….

  • wij

    hmm.. it looks so funtastic games, i have to try it

  • Why do you guys refuse to add QR codes to your reviews?

  • kevin

    angry birds comes to android when?

  • wanna try this… 😀

  • Sean

    I really loved it but beat it too fast.

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