You Tell Us: Favorite Sports App


As we begin putting together tonight’s podcast agenda, we’re looking to you guys for your feedback.  As is the tradition, we’re curious to hear what your favorite apps are as they pertain to specific categories.  This week, we want to know what your preferred sports titles are.  Is it something from ESPN?  Maybe Google?  Is it a game?  Maybe you use it to keep up with your team as it begins its push for a pennant.  Whatever the case, we want to know what it is!

Let’s hear your favorites in the comments below.  Answers will be read on the podcast tonight.  Tune in at 10PM EST on!

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  • KhensU


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  • legendary1022

    It has come down to SportsTap and ScoreMobile for me, but recently ScoreMobile seems to be taking the gold with it's interface and seems to update scores quicker.

  • I love Fantasy Guru for my Yahoo Baseball Fantasy, and Sportap for over all.

  • JoAnn

    MLB At Bat 2010.

    I'm a baseball fanatic and I love that I can check in on any game from anywhere, get lots of stats, sound and video. Yes, it's expensive but to me the whole package is worth it.

    • GTV

      one of the best apps ever made for the iphone, not only just for sports – but in general

  • Richard

    Score mobile

  • Nelson

    ScoreMobile. It's extremely fast and has the best widget of all of them.

  • Andrea


  • Reed

    Major League Baseball's AtBat 2010

  • Marcel

    Skydroid for yardage when playing Golf

  • Chuck

    ScoreMobile, NFL Mobile, and for golfing there is nothing that comes close to GolfCard.

    • Matt M

      NFL Mobile? I don't see that…

  • abc123


    It's got world sporting events as a banner at the top as opposed to trying to find the event in a category. For example, the World Cup was a banner at the top. In score mobile, I would have to change categories, then go to FIFA and then get the scores. Right now, it's got Tour de France as a banner. I've also seen banners for 2010 Winter Olympic games and NHL Playoffs in the time that I've been using it.

    Has a neat AccuScore game projection showing the odds of each team winning.

    Has images and news of the event.

    Categories displayed in grid view. If any of the categories contain updates it will show a red circle with a number in it (like the iphone new mail count) to show you that something has happened there.

    SportsTap sometimes does not update scores instantly and also it sometimes will never display the proper score. For example, in the final world cup game, it's still showing Netherlands 0 and Spain 0 as the final score. It's like it stopped updating when it reaches full time and doesn't reflect goals scored in extra time.

    Looks like it's just displaying a mobile web page as the interface.

    Score Mobile
    Clean interface. More categories and the ability to hide, show, sort them in any way.

    Has a neat feature to add the game to your calendar so you can be reminded of the upcoming game.

    Can't comment on score update speed as I have not used it long enough to know.

    Requires one too many actions to get to where you want to go. For example, to list the categories, you need to tap the icon at the top right, then tap the category.

    Nothing displayed for quick access to major events like Word Cup, Tour de France, Oympics, etc.

    It looks like you need to go to the category to see if there are any updates for the day.

    there is no indication that there is an event for a particular category. For example, if there is a tennis event, you have to know to view that category. Otherwise, you will miss it.

  • be bop

    Score centeris great

  • Matt M

    Based on user comments here I checked out ScoreMobile. It's super fast at updating scores and I love that, but I must be missing one crucial thing: what the heck do favorites mean in this app? It seems to me that all that marking a team as a favorite does is turn their name yellow in the list of games. Seriously? That's not helpful in the least.

    It seems like ScoreMobile is geared toward people who want to know the scores of every game. My problem is that I only want to know that some of the time. Most of the time, I just want to know the scores of MY teams. It looks like ScoreMobile couldn't care less about that.

    When it comes to sports apps, the one thing I wish is that Google gave a damn about Scoreboard. It seems like they released that app about 15 months ago, and haven't updated it in about 12 months. It's easily the slowest app in the market at fetching data, which is ridiculous. I can't fathom why it takes that app so long to download so little data. What kills me is that it shows you what it's downloading, and it'll jump around, like it'll say it's downloading scores from a month ago. Here's an idea, Google. How about you update today's scores and maybe yesterday's RIGHT NOW, then update previous dates either in the background or when I ask for them.

    Seriously, Scoreboard is easily Google's worst app. But that's too bad, because it has my favorite interface of the sports scores apps…

  • es7us

    I like MLB On Deck Pro. It's clean and quick, makes it really easy to follow my team going in to the pennant chase. The widget is awesome, and they just added box scores which is really cool.

  • amith

    Try cube

  • Cardio Trainer is the best 😉

  • I like the MLB AtBat 2010 app, but the new ESPN Radio streaming app might be my favorite. It's great to get the national ESPN Radio feed plus the 15 others as well as on-demand podcasts.

  • MLB At Bat 2010 is by far my favorite. News a visuals were solid from day one, but the audio was bad in the beginning. Every update has been significant, and now the audio is better than listening to the actual radio. Totally worth the cost!