LauncherPro Plus Released

The developer behind popular Android launcher, LauncherPro has released a paid version of his app.  The paid version is to be called LauncherPro Plus and is to be a vast improvement over the free version.  The paid version which now includes a contact widget similar to the one from HTC’s SenseUI, is set to feature an entire array of desktop widgets to suit your needs. And for those wondering, yes they will be scrollable!

These widgets will include:

  • Bookmarks Widget – Quick access to your browser’s bookmarks
  • Friends Widget – Lists your friend’s status updates from Facebook and Twitter, and lets you update your own status too.
  • Calendar/Agenda Widget – Shows you a calendar you can scroll through to switch months, and also lets you see your agenda for any particular day right within the widget.

So where can you pick up LauncherPro Plus?  Well, unfortunately it is currently not in the market since the developer lives in a country that will not allow for paid apps to be sold, but you can however, buy it straight from his site.  The launcher starts at $2.99, but once he adds the rest of the widgets listed above, the price will go up.

Let us know what you think!

Source: LauncherPro

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  • ObsceneJesster

    I don't use Launcher Pro currently because I am having phone with the new TouchWiz on my Vibrant but when I am tired of it I will gladly go back to Launcher Pro and when I do, I will gladly pay this developer for this app. He has put in countless hours and his time needs to be compensated. This is one developer Android can't stand to lose so please pay for this high quality app and don't start complaining about it.

  • it seems a good apps..
    but, it's too expensive..

    • Usman

      The price of a coffee is too expensive for an app that you like and you'll use every day?

  • wij

    hmm.. that's helpful application,

  • gltovar

    I dont understand why stock android launcher/homescreens suck so bad yet this guy can make them buttery smooth… seems to me that the official android devs need to integrate the methods this guy pulls off into so many parts of stock android.

  • bigc_13

    Just bought it, probably won’t use widgets but I’ve been using launcher pro for a while now and am happy to support the dev it’s a great app/launcher

  • HSP

    I own a Samsung Galaxy S, and boy it the interface horrible, laggy and buggy. Launcher pro has definitely made me fall back in love with this phone and stopped people saying, "its a bit like an iphone", i would gladly pay for this quality app. Many thanks to the developer

  • Paul

    I just bought the app, although I might not even use the additional widgets. I have been a satisfied user of LauncherPro since the early days and was often confused not to find a Donate button anywhere on the website or within the app. Now this great dev gets the appreciation he deserves.

  • Terpsy

    For current users- Does it cause any lags or slowness? I have had problems with widgets and home replacements in the past. Using Samsung Moment with Helix launcher now. Thanks.

    • webby

      LauncherPro force closes and lags regularly before opening on my friggin Droid1 (which is being replaced when my new Droid X arrives via FedEx)! It makes the phone almost unusable. However, I don't really blame Launcher Pro — I have found that both with my original G1 and with my Droid1 that ALL Home alternatives I tried were causing sometimes long lag and regular force closes. I just couldn't handle only 3 home screens, so I had to put up with it, but I am hoping with the Droid X, that I can tolerate the stock Blur 7 screen home system, as I am sick of home launchers slowing down my phones. I'll be dumping the Blur widgets very first thing — not the least bit interested. I have my own widgets — Pure Calendar Widget being the one I use the most.

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Why do companies believe that we all have beautiful, sexy and vibrant friends on our contact list? lol

  • Rollaif

    Just purchased Launcher Plus and I've been using Beta for months. I would have paid the fee even if there weren't any changes. Well deserved for an outstanding developer. No problems on my Moto Droid.

  • Launcher Pro is hands down the best alternative launcher around. I prefer using stock launchers and this gives me the ability to do so with tons of customizations. I would donate even if it hadn’t added new features although they are welcome additions. One of the best devs around.

  • Fred

    [polldaddy 3506245 polldaddy][polldaddy 3506246 polldaddy]

  • I don't use Launcher Pro, so i choose Samsung Touchwiz UI

  • Leo

    Mikkel, how do you buy apps through Paypal? I also could not buy paid apps in my country.

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