Mini-Droid Slider On The Way?

Do Motorola and Verizion have a Mini-Droid slider in the works? It seems that way , as Engadget has obtained the picture above of what appears to be a Mini-Droid slider.  We’re not sure if that means the Droid line is about to get a smaller midrange brother or what the deal is.  However, it seems Motorola’s definitely pushing out some of the more interesting Android form factors as of late.  This one is pretty damn cool too.  Could you get excited about a phone like this?  Is it too gimmicky? Let us know!

Source: Engadget

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  1. davidrea
    July 19, 23:41 Reply

    I would get excited on one condition: it must be spring-loaded and deployable in a badass way, like the Nokia phone that Trinity used in The Matrix… :)

  2. daethian
    July 19, 19:54 Reply

    These types of sliders are cheap feeling usually and they are just awful looking. I wouldn’t carry one of these even if it was free. Love my Moto Droid :)

    • batman
      October 14, 15:03 Reply

      it probably wouldn’t want to be carried by you, so that probably works out.

  3. Theweakend
    July 20, 02:52 Reply

    So i have to decide between screen real estate or vertical button keyboard…. I don't think you want people to make that choice as screen size wins every time then qwerty.

    …Trevor fail….

  4. wij
    July 20, 05:54 Reply

    Woow, slider version..

  5. zul
    July 20, 08:26 Reply

    it’s more cool..

  6. fls_carnage
    July 20, 16:48 Reply

    its cool for people who are new to smart phones and android, i guess.

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