Update for Droid Incredible Happening Now, 720p Video Recording and More

A few weeks back, we first reported on an update that was rumored for the Droid Incredible.  While it might not be the Froyo update you guys were hoping for, it still featured some nice tweaks.  Chief among the update was the ability to record video in 720p, the Skype application, and an updated version of the MyVerizon app.  According to various reports, the rollout started over the weekend and is hitting Droid Incredibles across the country. We’ve attached a few screenshots of the MyVerizon app, courtesy of one of our readers, Omie.  Check out the handy data widget to help monitor usage!

  • Sterling

    Are those new time and weather widgets that got updated as well. If not what are they, they look pretty cool.

  • Ken

    The screen shots don't mean much…I got an update yesterday for the My Verizon app I installed from Market, and it looks just the ones posted. All it did was update the app. I don't have any of the other goodies that were reported.

    • Salvador Flores

      Yup. I got the same update for the app without the system update. Anyone could have made these claims. How come the person from the article didn’t include the screen shots for the rest of the updates?

      • JoAnn

        Same here. I won't believe the OTA Update hype until I see it. My friendly Verizon rep could not give me a firm date or time.

  • Grant

    I also would like to know about the clock/weather widget…. is that new or did that come from the market?

    • jdog

      It's the Beautiful Widgets app its been around for about 1 1/2 years. You have to pay for it but its worth, its the most downloaded weather widget on the market and it has about 150+ different skins that are free. Also it comes with two different size weather widgets the one in the story and another one the is double that size, also it comes with some 1 x 1 widgets for Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS, Plane Mode, Silent, Vibrate, and WiFi.

  • Shane


    I see a couple of widgets by that name, who is the dev?

    Thanks in Advance

    • jdog

      LevelUp Studio it's spelled just like that. There is another similar weather app called Weather & Toggle Widget, I don't remember which came out first I think this one but the fact that Beautiful Widgets lets you look at the different skins while inside the app made me chose them instead and I used the Weather & Toggle one for many months. Also Beautiful Widgets supports a live wallpaper called Beautiful Live Weather, its pretty cool. Also if you using a Eris I don't think they support live wallpapers.

      • Shane


        Thanks for the info, i like that layout, and have been looking for something for this type of functionality. Using an Incredible so i should be good.

  • angel

    not only for incredible but also for moto droid

  • Adam

    The VZW and Skype apps aren't part of the OTA. I've had both of them installed for ages, and the VZW update simply showed up as an app update, not a full blown OTA.

    • Adam

      Sorry–had browser window open too long before I posted–didn't see Ken and Salvador's comment almost identical to mine above.

  • Hi Guys!
    Is there an app coming out that will record Skype audio and/or video calls? And will there be an app that will enable me to edit a video call on my Droid X? I'd like to be able to convert the audio portion of the call into an mp3 right from my phone (so I won't have to carry a laptop around) but this is probably asking for too much. This is very important to me so any help and information would be greatly appreciated-
    -the wife of A Guy who waited in line to get his Droid X on The First Day who is now dying to get one herself

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