Google Ending Sales of the Nexus One

Google is stopping direct sales of its first flagship phone.  When visiting to order a Nexus One, users see a link stating that the availability has changed, and links a post on the official Nexus One blog, stating that once the current shipment of phones has been depleted, Google will no longer offer its flagship device for sale online. However, customer support will still be made available. Previously, this post stated that it would be stopping sales sometime soon, but without specific information about when.

There is also an interesting message posted at the bottom of the site:

“To ensure our developers have access to a phone with the latest Android OS, Google will be offering the Nexus One through a partner for sale to registered developers. Visit the Android Market Publisher site and log into your developer account to purchase a Nexus One.”

It will also still be available via a few overseas carriers: Vodaphone in Europe and KT in Korea.

What does this mean for the fate of the Nexus One?  Why is Google ceasing its sale online? Is there a new phone on its way that is bigger and better (and running Gingerbread?)  What is the next big thing that Google has in store for us?  Let us know your thoughts.

  • Would love to see a new 'google' phone to replace the nexus one. i love my nexus one and don't wish to go with a standard carrier phone. i hate that carriers modify the gui/os, take their time to roll out (if they even do) android updates. the experience should be the same across the board and let the user decide to modify the look/feel and get updates in a timely manner.

  • Richard T

    I would think Google would have to continue to supply updated developer phones as they move the platform forward , new features means new hardware. I think with Google hiring people to move android gaming and GUI features forward in android, they will need to provide a new developer phone capable of handling graphics and video better than the nexus one, something along the lines of the galaxy s line, and also incorporating better motion control and touch screen technologies


    • God Dammit

      HTC will custom build a phone for anyone who has the money. HTC will still be selling mass quantities of the Nexus One phone to the general public through most major phone carriers long after Google stops selling it direct.

    • The original post mentions that Google will still be supporting the N1, and keep developers up-to-date on all Google info and versions, whether it is for N1 or something that may arrive down the road. Google isn't giving up on the phone, just no longer selling it through the site.

  • rolly

    I love my Nexus One and have since day one……I like that we get all the updates first…..I really hope they come out with a number 2…..please google!!!

  • Richard T

    Oh and by the way, I love my nexus

  • It would be nice to see the next one built on an intel Moorestown chipset, so that it would be easy to run other systems such as MeeGo, while still having a stronger battery life and performance pace than the qualcomm and ti chips.

  • thejamesf

    so what will be next for google? I still want one 🙁 I would like to see another nexus one like but better everything. One question, can you easly upgrated the hardware on the nexus one? I read that you can but im not sure.

    • Steve Jobs

      Nothing is more difficult than upgrading the hardware on a Nexus One phone. The processor and built in RAM/ROM are all a permanent part of the phone. If you want to upgrade the hardware you'll need a soldering iron as this will involve removing chips from the phone's mainboard. Even if you successfully get a new processor soldered to the N1's mainboard the phone will likely no longer function at all. Just in case you're not aware, the previously mentioned procedure is the same for all phones.

  • Theweakend

    I am sticking with my N1 til there is another vanilla android handset I started with a g1 and then got a nexus one all these "other" handsets have issues imo my om have a 3g slide and i can't stand the ui on that thing as it is always have facebook syncing issues and other various issues so until then. Btw my dream phone is a Nokia N8 running vanilla one day I hope to have one…

  • I agree with you guys. There needs to be a top of the line device running stock android, and for whatever reason it appears that Google is the only one who will put one out. I'm not buying anything with motoblur, sense ui, or any of that garbage.

  • John

    I just bought a Nexus One and I love it so much more than the iPhone 4 I had for a few short weeks. No contract and an open phone is a wonderful combination. Too bad I won't be able to justify buying whatever they come out with next for a while.

  • williamthrilliam

    According to this:… there won't be another "google phone" per se. Unfortunate, but if it doesn't turn a profit, it's not going to stick around.

  • I can't get my head around how Google won't have a hardware reference platform. I willingly paid from my own pocket for two unlocked Nexus One handsets so that the unadulterated Google Experience and fast access to OS updates would be available. I wouldn't consider buying a handset that was carrier-locked and had no guarantee of timely (or any!) OS updates.

  • Chris

    @williamthrilliam lets not rush to conclusions too quickly. The boss at Google has *said* they don't see the need to make a successor, but we know how that goes. Remember when Jobs said that he thought nobody reads anymore and that books are pointless?

    My opinion is that Google will release another phone in an effort to keep the manufacturers innovating. It would have to represent the same step up that the N1 did when it was first released. At this point I don't think they can do that, because all the improvements seem to be incremental (better processor, battery, etc). I bet if they come up with another idea to jumpstart the entire platform again they will do another Nexus. Right now it just doesn't make sense to spend the time/effort to create another phone to appease the few technologists like us that will buy it.

  • Is it better than iPhone 4?

    • All phones are a matter of preference. Personally, I've used the original iPhone, the 3gs, and the newest iPhone 4. Yes, the iPhone is a great device, and it has high quality–which people expect from Apple. The Nexus One's software alone proves victorious in speed and ease of use against the iPhone, and having the ability to use the Nexus One on more than just one wireless carrier are big plusses in my book, but it's not a cut-and-dry question as to which is better; it boils down to what is best for the user's individual experience, and for me, it's Android.

  • Whosani

    Love my N1.

    Google needed to advertise this phone, few people knew (even now) that you can buy a phone directly from Google.

    I would have loved to see a cool N1 Superbowl commercial several months ago. I think that would have perked some interest.

    Advertise it! N2 or BUST!!

  • shiri225

    somebody create a petition site and post the link everywhere so we can all go there and voice our support for n2! google still needs to push the rest of the pack into making better androids than the ones currently released. i want stock android w/ the promised better ui come gingerbread release. i think everyone’s NOW READY for a googlephone. it’s the perfect time this christmas holiday. can u imagine when google music, ebookstore, games, and the tv integration are all ready? it’s gonna bury even the iphone.

    • Whosani

      totally agree.

  • When I heard that news, I rushed to order myself an unlocked N1.

    It just came in today and I <3 it.

  • DRew

    good call shiri225! N2! support

  • Google could have made a fortune off the Nexus One, not that they're hurting for money. Their discontinuing the phone makes me somewhat uneasy as a Nexus One owner. 🙁

  • xarophti

    Lisa, I don't think you need to be uneasy. From what I understand, the phone itself is not really being discontinued. It will continue to be sold through carriers overseas, and Google will continue to sell it to developers, therefore it will continue to be made. Google just isn't selling it directly anymore.

    • That is correct. The phone hasn't been discontinued, just no longer available to purchase from

  • I sure hope that a replacement for the Nexus One is in the pipeline.

    I'd love to see a Nexus One with more internal memory and better video hardware.

  • hitesh

    I'm sure google will be having some better plan for it.
    I hope the better ones coming soon.


  • kimberly

    i bought my N1 in feb., and I absolutely love it! I am not planning on getting any other phone for quite some time!

  • Edgar

    I just bought my own N1 and switched from BBerry. I am all for an open architecture and the phone is absolutely fabulous! Takes a little getting used to, but it is fairly easy to change over. Battery consumption is a bit high, but can be handled too. Overall a good looking, robust GUI phone with more than enough power to handle all of my business needs.