Star Wars Themed Droid 2 Launching August 12th?

Engadget is reporting that the Droid 2 will be launching on August 12th, 2010.  According to their source, the sequel to the original Droid will not only come with Froyo at launch, but have an optional R2-D2 special edition logo on the back. It appears the Droid line is going back to its Star Wars roots.  After all, Verizon and Motorola had to license the name Droid from Lucas Films in order to use it for their Android-packing devices.  Honestly, I am hoping for a light saber too!
Readers should remember that the August 12th date might change, as nothing is set in stone. More on this story as it develops folks. Oh and may the DROID be with you!

What do you think? Would you want R2 on your Droid 2?

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  1. mikedminor
    July 20, 21:20 Reply

    My son would love this as he has been sucked into the star wars mythos.

  2. Keith
    July 24, 07:41 Reply

    Don’t think the August 12th date will change. Aug 12 is the start of Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, so I assume there will be a giant booth selling it there, just like there was back at Star Wars Celebration 3 for the big themed cell phone offering back then.

    August 04, 10:18 Reply

    As cool as that might be… How has no one managed to notice that the image used in this story shows an R2-D2 figure on the FRONT of the phone!? Those symbols at the bottom are the Menu, Home, Back and Search Buttons! This is a fake photo, or a sticker on a the front of the phone, however you want to look at it, not worth wasting breath on to report on a major website with such a silly photo to accompany it! one word… WEAK. I heard about it from a friend, come on-line to see if maybe for once the rumor mill actually got it right, and again, sorely disappointed!

  4. Nightly Business Report
    October 12, 08:47 Reply

    hey I am so to listen this news its my b’day date I am waiting to buy it on my b’day…….

  5. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 14, 14:08 Reply

    All original Droid users will get an over-the-air upgrade to Android 2.2 operating system. Motorola is likely to start pushing out that upgrade to Droid phones soon

  6. Italy Tours
    October 18, 08:23 Reply

    Well this post is worth reading and it appears that Droid line is going back to its Star Wars roots.

  7. Mykalai Kontilai
    October 19, 07:52 Reply

    Any news of any new features to be implemented in the Droid 2?

    I kinda hope it combines the Droid X with the DROID so it is X+keyboard.

  8. Vicki Cable
    October 22, 00:42 Reply

    I wish by “Plain-Vanilla Droid” you meant that this bad boy would be sporting Vanilla Android 2.2 I would be all over this thing. Oh yeah, it would have to not be locked down like it’s big brother……..

  9. Buy Me Private
    November 07, 12:00 Reply

    Verizon has had a host of Google Android OS powered phones in recent months, including the Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S phone. thats great something about this one

  10. Up Start Interactive
    November 30, 02:04 Reply

    I would want just more than a paint scheme! Sounds and backgrounds pre loaded with some custom stuff also!

  11. Harry Direen
    December 03, 08:01 Reply

    Well This is a fake photo, or a sticker on a the front of the phone, however you want to look at it, not worth wasting breath on to report on a major website with such a silly photo to accompany it!!! thanks

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