Android 2.1 Hits Cellular South’s HTC Hero

Cellular South, one of the first mobile carriers in the US to carry Android phones is giving the classic HTC Hero the 2.1 update. Their website is showing instructions on how to download the update, and lists all of the features included. The site is pretty detailed so you shouldn’t have a problem.

If you happen to live in Mississippi, USA, and have the opportunity to use Cellular South, check out their unlimited plan.  Here’s what the website says about it:

Coupled with Cellular South’s Smartphone Unlimited Plan, the best value for smartphones and the only one of its kind in the wireless industry, the enhanced user experience with the HTC Hero is now more accessible to individuals, families and businesses than ever before. For only $59.98 a month per line for two lines, customers can talk, text, access the mobile web and e-mail without worrying about counting minutes, megabytes or surprise bills.

Not too shabby, eh?  Yup. So, Hero owners, how do you like 2.1?

Image Source: Slash Gear

  • Scott

    Did the upgrade last night. Much better than 1.5. Screen transitions are zippier and a lot of the quirkiness is gone especially with the type ahead feature on searches in the browser.

    The Cell South guide is 26 pages long with about 25 pages worth of "how to back your crap with this third party trial app".

    If you don't care about that, there only three things you need to know from this guide.
    1. You need Windows to install HTC Synch
    2. You have to dial *228 to reactivate your phone on the cell south network.
    3. Take your phone out of debug mode if its in debug mode

    There's a 100+ MB download for the HTC Synch if you don't have it and again it's only for Windows.

    You also must download the the Cell South 2.1 image from HTC. The HTC instructions are 3 pages and the download is around 40MB I think.

    I only have two problems so far.

    1. HTC Sense restarts when I quit the Pandora app
    2. They added MMS BUT charge an additional $6 a month for it

    I can live with the pandora problem and I'll just email or tweet images. MMS is not worth $6.

  • Pretty slick! Since I use GV, there was no need to back anything up, so I just downloaded HTC Sync and the ROM update, dropped it in, and plugged my accounts back in. It's great to be able to use the new apps with less issues, Bluetooth is golden, and I didn't even have to reactivate my phone (for some odd reason).

    I do hope I can get some of these startup apps removed, but I'm loving the update.

  • Saevio

    No live wallpapers 🙁

  • William Gray

    OUTLOOK 2007 — Will not syn. If you want to sync with outlook 2007, DO NOT INSTALL. I was told by Cellsouth Tech that once 2.1 is installed that i could not go back and install later verson of OS. Also this up grade was going to make phone ‘faster’ and have longer battery life. It does not.