“Sorry, Folks…” Nexus One No Longer Available Directly From Google

It’s official.  The Nexus One is no longer be available for purchase from Google.  If you visit the page set up for the handset you will find a bland grey box bearing the unfortunate news.  We just learned a few days ago that Google had shipped the last batches of the phone and that the day was upon us.  Depending on your country, you may still be able to grab one via Vodafone.  Other than that, say good bye!

  • A sad day indeed 🙁

  • thejamesf

    I think im gonna to my bed and cry myself to sleep now 🙁

  • I don't think it's sad at all. I have an N1 and love it. I wake up to it every morning. 🙂 Thing is, it provoked a rather big response from the handset makers to lift their game. There are better phones out there now. So while it's sad to see a good phone like the nexus see it's end of life only 6 months after it's release, it's inspired a new age in smart/superphones. I'm excited. 🙂

  • Art Vandelay

    The Nexus One is the best Android phone out there – running the stock Android 2.2 instead of with a crappy UI on top. It blows the iPhone out of the water. Hey, I can hold it any way I want and make calls! Its a shame that the direct sales model didn't work, but Google didn't advertise it or try very hard.

  • DaveC

    How about a fire sale on docks?!! 🙂

  • this is an outrage what happen to good old fashion (let keep him in business) help from the pubbilc.

  • It’s sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end. btw Is it true you won’t be able to purchase it other than from a carrier? Though this phone wasn’t exactly a marketing success, I’m very, very glad I own one.

  • Christine

    Whew! My N1 arrived a few weeks ago…glad I was able to get it. The joy this phone brings to my life constantly amazes me.

  • rolly

    I love the phone…..but now that they aren't sellin them anymore…can i get a discount on the car dock?????

  • MIKE

    where can I get a dock now???