MOG Gives Android Users On Demand Music

Music junkies can rejoice with the announcement of On-Demand music provider MOG announcing their Android app today!  For $9.99 a month you can have an ad free, hyper-personalized mobile radio station.

Techland is reporting that a $9.99 subscription not only gives you the mobile access, but also allows you to listen via a desktop app as well.  Along with the streaming service, you get an all you can download MP3 subscription as well, with qualities of up to 320 MB which is pretty fair in my opinion.

In reading some reports of users who have been using the beta builds of the app, they have been very satisfied with the level of customization they have on their playlists and choosing exactly what they want to listen to.  MOG is a Pandora or Slacker on steroids is the quote that I keep hearing over and over.

Like mentioned above, the service costs $9.99, which I think is pretty fair since it is about what one new CD costs for a digital download. Of course, you don’t own the music you stream or download, which is a sticking point for a lot of people, but I still think this is a fair price for what you are getting.  The Android app for MOG is free, the barcode is below for you to scan and download.  Leave feedback about the app and service if you are a MOG-ger.

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  1. Frank
    July 21, 09:18 Reply

    I use Rhapsody, I held out for a while because of the need to physically own music, but once you try these services you won’t go back. No more buying or shuffling hard drives be ajar they get filled up with music. Or encoding to 7 different audio formats. No more deciding if that one song is worth that last 5mb on your memory card. Now they won’t have every song in your CD collection, but most of my cd’s now have so much dust on them you could plant plants on them. I own about 300 CD’s.

  2. Madio
    July 21, 14:46 Reply

    I tried it, but it didn't seem quite ready for prime time yet. There are a couple of other similar services I am testing since the concept seems good. I am going to give it a couple more days but I am leaning toward uninstalling it and going with one of the other services which thus far seems to function better. If they added a "locked screen widget, or at least made their tiny buttons bigger that would be a plus, the other issue I had was the screen doesn't rotate when I turn my phone sideways. The trial version also wouldn't let me sync the desktop account with my phone account. Since it would be nice to test how well this feature works, I was disappointed here too. I will re-post an update if anything develops over the next few days of playing with this. Running this on my HTC EVO

  3. @ankhwatcher
    July 21, 14:57 Reply

    Wow all the benefits of Grooveshark at only 3 times the monthly cost!
    Where do I sign up!?!

  4. Carlito
    July 22, 15:42 Reply

    I think Mog rocks – way better than Grooveshark because I get music organization (finally) and an excellent music discovery piece that rocks. Overall, Mog = 4 stars (not 5 because it does crash probably 30% of the time).

  5. @DaveSalvatore
    July 24, 15:26 Reply

    I started using Rdio for the same monthly price. Which is better and why?

  6. business logos
    August 02, 07:46 Reply

    The subscription applies to civil office, too. Playlists and bookmarks, for example, synchronize to the perfection of the mobile web. Developed by MOG Mobius, subscribers have the opportunity to water the artists, as much or as little as they want.

  7. Ryan
    March 15, 08:01 Reply

    I’m a MOG-er 320kbps i need that quality, too bad their interface isn’t as good as rhapsody

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