NearVerse Announces Proximity-based Music and Video-sharing App, LoKast

NearVerse has announced the release their first location-based Android application, LoKast.  Billing themselves as a proximity internet company, it makes sense that the application is designed around sharing music and video based on real-time location.  Already available for the iPhone, LoKast allows users to discover music, pictures, videos, contacts, and more from nearby users.  Optimized to run in the background, LoKast (“local casting”) lets you know when someone else is nearby.  Once you are close enough (300 feet) to other users, you’ll be able to instantly share media back and forth.

Interested LoKasters can download the application from the Android Market for free and set up a profile within minutes.  Thanks to background capabilities, you can set it and forget it.  Your profile is ready to be shared publicly!  The next time you are at a concert or social event, you may find that the artist is sharing videos or contact information.

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  • Forced closed and caused issues with LauncherPro on Evo 4G. Uninstalled. Definitely a pile of you know what…

  • xerosis

    Forces a reboot on the Desire, avoid.