Samsung Galaxy S Coming to Canada Via Rogers

Android Headlines is reporting that Rogers Canada is going to be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S to our Canadian Android bretheren this September.  There is no word as of yet as to which version of the Galaxy S that Rogers will get, although there is speculation that it will be similar to the Captivate from AT&T.  With the reported speeds of the 3G network in Canada, it would not surprise me however if they got one closer to the Sprint Epic that is coming out soon, sporting a front facing camera that can make video calls over cell towers, and not just wifi.

There is some discussion about the fact that Rogers is waiting until September to release the phone, as it gives their competition time to ramp up their efforts to keep customers away from this offering, this is one of the hottest handsets right now, by September there are going to be other new offerings that are going to outshine this phone, possibly making a September window a bit late.

No matter what the launch date, it may be a good sign that Rogers is finally getting an upper tier handset to offer their Android savvy customers,  as they have had some lukewarm mid-level offerings to date.  More info as it comes in on this development.

  • thejamesf

    I wish they can put phones out to canada at the same time as usa does, I hate going to rogers and not seeing the droid x and other phones 🙁

  • Droid X is going to be a Verizon Exclusive (simply because of the "Droid" name, Only Verizon has licensed it) You may see an international version like with the Droid/Milestone but don't count on it..

  • Michael P

    Any news on whether a Droid2 like Milestone is in the pipe? If not it will be either a Desire or this phone for me.

  • Tiggle

    Rogers is making it really hard to stay. I am overdue for a new phone and need one quite badly now. It has already been very difficult to wait this long. I don't want to upgrade until this is available, but I may have no choice now. I can't wait until September FFS. Rogers, you need to wake up and smell the competition. Bell is looking pretty shiny right now.

  • Jay

    It's Canadian NOT Canadien

    • Justin

      Guess that depends on which province you’re from.

  • netWilk

    Bell is bringing out the Vibrant on August 6th, so Rogers already has competition.

  • Jimmyb

    I was in Bell 2 days ago asking when the Galaxy S was due and they told me 4th of August.

  • AT&T is launching the S Galaxy, Captivate. I think I have the same, which will make its way here for us poor Schmucks Rogers. This brings me to hold off on iPhone 4 buy at the moment, because I love me some Galaxy efforts to replace my iPhone 3G.

  • Rui

    I have the Galaxy S Vibrant (it’s the BELL version of Galaxy S), the specs are the same as the Captivate.. This phone is amazing, quick, great HD recording, the screen is crip too manny things to list. All of my friends love this phone, I really think this is one of the best phones out there if not the best… Apple will have a really tough time keeping their crown..

  • Daljerry

    I have been using the Galaxy S for about a month now. The screen resolution is excellent however the phone is a “primadonna” It continually freezes and sometimes takes its time to move from ap to ap. I also lost my bluetooth connection after conversations several times.
    The spell check on the phone is not great either. It will change the input on foreign words, while changing the text is a challenge as well.
    Other then the excellent large screen resolution, I am sorry I let myself get talked into this gadget,

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