Sideload Wonder Machine lets AT&T Users Sideload Apps

Image Source: Android Central

If you are the proud owner of the Aria from AT&T, you already know that your phone has been crippled in the fact that you cannot load applications that do not come from the Market.  The pic to the left shows that the option is not even there for you to select, AT&T had it taken out completely.  A frustrating development to say the least for owners of this handset.  The good news is that there is now a solution for you to be able to work around this issue.

The guys over at Android Central have developed a little program for Windows called the “Sideload Wonder Machine“, an app that will allow you install any .apk file you want to your handset without having to root your phone.

The app is available for download now, let us know how it works for you in the comments.


  1. I can't seem to get this to work for me.
    HTC Aria – Windows 7 64bit machine.
    USB Debugging is turned on.
    Set to Charge only, also tried with removable drive option
    I dont see the serial number listed when I run the app.
    I'm assuming the USB drivers are installed as the removable drive shows up.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Steve – the drivers that allow it to show up as a removable drive, and the drivers that allow it to be controlled via ADB are two different drivers. If you’ve got an aria you’re going to want to download the HTC aria sync package from the HTC support page and use the included USB driver.

  3. got the aria and have the sync program installed and i am unable to make this sideload program to work. first off after i pick the file i want i click go and i get a dos error message saying that loader.bat isn’t an internal or external batch file or something along that line and i try bypassing it via just clickin the batch program and as soon as it detects my aria and i click the next it disconnects my phone and it just keeps waiting for my device…. any advice or feedback is appreciated.

    • I have a stock Samsung Captivate (2.1) and Vista 64-bit.

      I installed the Samsung USB 64-bit driver.

      I then enabled USB debugging and ran SWM.

      A sample HelloAndroid app quickly installed exactly as documented above and ran as expected on the phone.

  4. yo ocupe esta aplicacion y funcion bien tengo un samsung galaxy- s captivate instale la version beta de mozilla y funciona bien pero ahora cuando quiero sincronizar mis contactos o mi calendario con el kies de samsung no puedo alguien sabe porque

  5. I am also running Win 7 and have no problems with this, BUT you have to install HTC Sync first. (You can uninstall the Sync portion later if you want to, but the HTC driver package for Win7 gets installed when you install HTC Sync and that’s what “communicates” with Sideload Wonder.

  6. […] Apparently debuting late last year, we just heard about it from a tipster. To download the app, visit in your phone’s browser and follow the instructions. You’ll have to set your phone to allow non-Market apps, which means that those of you on AT&T are out of luck (unless you pursue other means). […]