Step-by-Step Process to Root your HTC Incredible

Last week we reported that the folks over at unrEVOked had come up with a simple way to root your HTC incredible, along with other HTC handsets.  Many of our readers were asking for a step-by-step process to get root access to their Incredibles, and instead of re-creating the wheel, we found an excellent walkthrough from the guys over at

Head on over there to get the full instructions on how to get this hack done, being aware that doing so may void any warranty, and that there is always a risk, however small, that you may brick your handset.

Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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  1. Guest
    July 21, 16:44 Reply

    Would these steps be the same (other than using the incredible custom rom) for the htc hero cdma?

  2. kondortek
    July 21, 17:29 Reply

    wow finally, except the official froyo update will be out in a couple weeks. Might as well just wait I guess.

  3. business logos
    August 02, 07:39 Reply

    These instructions are useless. Steps 1-5 work. The so-called simple step 6, no. You did debugging aid? camera? A HBoot? I tried all ways and all I had to wait reflash.exe boot – make sure the driver is installed. Using XP. My unit is 3 months and a browser Effing have already been destroyed, or I do not even want this life.

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