Android’s First Official Gaming Challenge!

There is good news for all you hard core Android gamers out there, the guys over at are sponsoring the first ever Android Gamer Challenge!  They are looking to find out who is the best of the best at gaming on the Android platform, and are looking to do it by pitting gamers from all over the US against each other in nightly challenges to see who can score the most points in an array of games.  The tourney is going to start on July 30th, and is open to US residents only.  The first round last for 5 nights, giving players 5 different chances to qualify for the elimination round.  40 of the best Android gamers in the land will move on to this round, with the last person standing being the grand prize winner!

So what is up for grabs in this tourney?  Well, according to the Droid Gamers site, the grand prize winner will get “a whole bunch of stuff” (taken directly from their site), along with their choice of a brand new Android handset!  That alone is pretty sweet indeed!

So get your thumbs warmed up and ready to do some serious gaming, we are going to see who is the best of the best come the 30th!


    what game?
    if anyone hasn’t noticed android is a poor platform when it comes to games…

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    now, it's time for gamers…