How To: Make Yourself a Crumply, Sketchy Home Screen

One of the great things about Android is the extent to which users can customize the user interface to their taste. With just a couple of readily available apps, you set up your phone to relive the days of doodling in notebooks and passing notes.

  1. Install ADW.Launcher, the Paperless System theme for ADW.Launcher and Beautiful Widgets on your trusty Android device.
  2. Set ADW.Launcher as your default home app, and in the settings, turn off the status bar, hide app labels, set the theme to Paperless System, and turn on left and right action buttons and secondary action buttons. (How do you get to your notifications then? You set “swipe down” to open notifications and “swipe up” to show/hide notifications.)
  3. On the home screen, change your wallpaper. Use the lined paper that comes with Paperless System.
  4. On the home screen, add the Beautiful Home widget. In the settings, hide the widget background, change the widget text color to black, and download and apply the Dirty Paper clock skin and the Dirty Paper weather skin.
  5. Add the stock search widget. Set up shortcuts and action buttons to your liking. To exactly match the what’s shown here, add Camera, Phone, Browser and Maps as your ADW action buttons, and Facebook, Gmail, News&Weather and Listen as desktop shortcuts. (A swipe up at the bottom will reveal ADW’s tray, where you can add more shortcuts as well.) Paperless System automatically replaces icons for all system apps as well as a fair number of third party apps.
  6. For maximum sketchiness, install SketchWars, which is like Asteroids on a notebook of graph paper.

Let us know in the comments what you’ve done to make your Android phone unique to you!

  • TareX

    Gorgeous! Needs a video…

  • TareX
  • haha, great article.
    really glad you are enjoying my theme.

    • It's a great theme, Eliot. Thanks for making it. A request: make a blackboard theme. It can be nearly a photo negative of Paperless System, and have green and black dusty chalkboard wallpapers.

    • What chuck said, give me a reason to use the chalkboard theme in beautiful widgets

  • Zaid

    Hahahha you rock man, its the best ever, made it like the one you showing .. very creative, well done 🙂
    Thanks to @Chuck Falzone, he directed me to ur website and beautiful app

  • Zaid

    Oh its your post man @Chuck Falzone HAHAHA my bad, didnt read the author!!
    Well DONE

    • Ha, no problem! And thanks! But really, thanks should go to the devs of the various apps involved.

  • Genius. Genius, genius, genius.

  • keep posting articles like this and thanx for google FOR BRINGING ME HERE..

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  • filmbyte

    did everything in the instructions but am not ggetting the hand drawn icons. ideas?

    • In the ADW.Launcher settings, go to theme preferences and make sure "use theme icons" is checked. Pretty sure it was checked by default for me, but I could be wrong.

  • wij

    yeah, that’s great app,
    thanks for post

  • kelloor

    nearly everything working great…
    how did you change the clock's font?

    • Tap on the weather icon on the clock, then yr Menu button, then Skins. On the Download Skins tab, find Dirty Paper, download it, and apply it.

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  • JhonathanM

    Hi boys, where can i find the Dirty Paper weather skin, since i cant find it or know where i can change it.


  • Silverpoint

    Cant seem to get the hand drawn icons even after ticking the “use theme icons”. anyone have any suggestions?

  • twiggy40oz

    Can someone plz provide a link to access paper icons ONLY!!!

  • Raoinlove

    keep posting articles like this and thanx for google FOR BRINGING ME HERE..

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