“Direct Access Numbers” Speeds up Google Voice for Android

A new version of Google Voice for Android has arrived today, and its primary directive is to speed things up. Previous releases of Google Voice were set up in a way that they had to make a request to the GV server every time you wanted to make an outbound call. The new feature, Direct Access Numbers, eliminates that need and assigns a unique phone number to each person called. Removing the need to use the data network will speed things up considerably. Look for the Google Voice in the Android Market, scan the barcode below, or point your Android browser to m.google.com/voice.

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  • Larkmoor

    It also breaks a loophole a lot of people use to make unlimited free voice calls to anyone from their cell phones by adding the Google Voice number to their friends and family list.

  • Good: Way faster to make calls.
    Bad: Those of us with an old myfaves plan cannot take advantage of calling the same access number, I'm not sure if I want to upgrade **backs up old googlevoice.apk**

  • Haggie

    In case you upgraded before you realized that this broke your F&F free calling workaround:

  • But T-Mobile customers who were able to use the “my faves” loophole by assigning the incoming and outgoing Google Voice numbers as a fave are no longer able to do this.

  • outhouseman

    I have android phone with no data plan. does this mean I finally make calls and have my GVnumber show up on my friend's phone without having to go through the hole dialing sequence?

  • Wij

    that's really new helpful feature..

  • That is right, You can not add to your favorites, because it uses fixed numbers. Basically, you assign a new telephone number for each contact you with GV. Unlike the old version, where the program is composed of a number, including the number to call, and you are connected. The new version is much faster, but if you use MyFaves, I recommend you keep the old version if you do not use minutes.

  • Hmm

    Umm.. Can someone tell me what’s the point of Google voice app if you your mobile device MUST connect to a long distance telephone number? Sure, if you are lucky enough to have a MY FAV number anywhere in the country from your cellular provider, that could work, but for most of us, we dont.

    Wouldn’t it be better if Google had one toll free number or even a local access number in each major city that you could call and then make a connecting call to the number of your choice?