Droid X Does Data Consumption, 5X Other Devices

The Droid X has only been out one week yet Verizon’s network is already feeling the effects.  Speaking at the paidContent Mobile conference earlier this week, Verizon’s business development executive director indicated that users of  their new super phone  are big on data, stating, “On Droid X, we’re seeing something like 5x the data usage of any other device.” It’s tough to not get crazy with data when you have a big, beautiful 4.3-inch screen and apps like BlockBuster preloaded on your phone.

Recent whispers are indicating Verizon’s desire to get into the tiered data game much like AT&T did a few weeks back.  The move, which could come as early as this month, could be the tipping point for the rest of the wireless industry.  At least, for us in the United States.

Source: AndroidSPIN

  • beeker

    Apps like Blockbuster? Hasn't that company died yet? Someone put it out of its misery…quick.

  • Wij

    Droid X must be better..