The Droid X Gets Rooted!


We previously reported that Motorola had implemented the eFuse process to try to stop people from rooting their brand new device, the Droid X.  Well, when you have an army that is as strong as the Android Army is, there is no barrier or fortification that seems to last very long!  The Droid X has been rooted successfully thanks to Android enthusiast, Birdman, on the Droid X Forums.

For those tech savvy enough, there is a 12 step process to freeing your Droid X from the shackles of Motorola.  This is not for beginners in my opinion, but if you have exeperience playing with the innards of the Android OS, or rooting and ROM-ming other handsets, you should be comfortable with this.

DISCLAIMER:  If you brick your phone doing this rooting method, that is on you!  You have been warned!


  1. I didn't think it would take long to beat Motorola's ill-fated attempt to control the product a la Steve Jobs. The Android community is amazing!

  2. umm rooting would totally be possible, there just a signed boot loader so installing roms or anything that would use something like sprecovery or nandroid is a no-go